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Snap the ball directly to

It really is deceieving to believe he can do it though I have to admidt. When I saw where he was taking the punt return, I thought to myself "there is no way he is going to get throught there", Then he blows bye that line with no problem. I don't think the Penn State players thought he could do it either. Give him a crack to run thorogh and he is gone.
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What was more impressive was his punt return against Wisky. There was little to no blocking on that play, with a swarm closing in from both sides... then he remembered he was lightning in a bottle, sprinted right at and then thru them, broke a tackle and was gone.

Maybe it is the lack of speedsters for the last few years, but he sure seems faster than Galloway. I'm sure this isn't true (just checked and it definitely isn't), but in terms of rewriting the top speed of the team he definitely is very Galloway-esque.
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I'm very happy we have him on our team this kid has got to put fear into the defensive coordinators from other teams. I sure and hell wouldn't wanna have that kid in the open field! Especially with Holmes as our primary. With Ted coming on as of late I think Holmes will see more single coverage which is just awesome to picture!!! Great to Be a buckeye! GO BUCKS!!!
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