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Shaquille O'Neal (Official Thread)


Wash me
Staff member
On Sportscenter Shaq was asked, "If Kobe Bryant called you an your cell phone right now what would you say to him?"

Shaq's reply:

"I don’t have a cell phone, because people that I’m connected with I’m connected with. All you gotta do is think, and I’ll call you. I don’t have a cell phone.

And that’s the problem with the Diesel. I’m technologically more advanced than you are. My thought process begins where the regular human apexes at."

Funny stuff. . .
He also mentioned that he didn't have time to think about Kobe because he was writing law papers and studying statistics for his masters.

Of course, they shouldn't take him that long, due to his super-apex-mind.
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I thought that interview was funny as hell. Everytime he was asked about Kobe he would scatch his face or his head. Anyone remember the Sienfeld episode where Jerry tells Elaine the higher up on the face you touch when asked about a relationship the bigger the problems are. :lol:
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BB...Yep, I grew up watching the NBA, because back then they were about the only sporting events on TV you could get during the week. Too bad the league has degenerated...they had it at one point where the NFL is today.
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yes, they sure did.

I watched it with a passion...though always I rebel, I tried to pattern myself after the Pistol(he was far better, lol)
I was just remebering yesterday, the old ABA ball and the influence that league had on the NBA...

higher salaries
more flamboyance

probably others as well....
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Yes, the thunder dunk for one. If I remember my history correctly, dunking was illegal in the NBA for a period, but with the assimilation of Dr. J and the oncoming of David Thompson and DD, the dunk became an integral part of the excitement of the game (back then, of course, dunks were performed within the flow of the offense, not every single play).

The ABA also brought a more wide-open attack to the NBA franchises, setting the stage for the modern small forward/finisher especially, and also the advent of the large dependence on the "shooting guard" specialist.

Oh, and there was no one like the Pistol...no one.
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