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Shaq knows it too, Kobe's a punk bitch!

In the short term, he'll at least offer Kobe a quasi-general manager job, meaning Kobe can help pick the new coach and, ostensibly, Shaq's replacement

What a joke. This is what's wrong with the NBA these days. Letting a player run the team is not going to win you championships. Kobe is very overrated in my book. I hate it when people compare him to Jordan.... once he can learn to play defense then the two can be compared.
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Kobe gets better as the pressure gets greater. I think he should go to San Antonio, that team would be sick.

I am glad to see them break up, I will be curious to see what happens to each of them for the rest of their careers.

Kobe is only 25, if I had to build a franchise around him or shaq, I would choose Kobe, btw, no way does he get found guilty. There are so many wholes in that case it is not funny, I will bet the farm on it.
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Does anyone know how the Lakers performed when Kobe plays and Shaq does not as opposed to Shaq playing and Kobe not ? I'd like to see if the team plays better one way or another.

Kobe is a great player, but he's a damn ball hog. Sure, he can pass it around when he puts his mind to it, but you can see he's built to be a gunner. He may lead the league in scoring when Shaq leaves, but he won't win a thing when he's the whole show.

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You're right, I should've included LeBron as an exception, along with Kidd, although he's getting a little long in the tooth. They say the kid possibly coming out, Livingston, may be another. Not Kobe, however.
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Kobe has 2 choices (supposing he stays out of the slammer). One, go to a good team, where he'll have to "share" the load like he does now, or two, go to a bad team and be a great player on a team going nowhere. I don't think he likes either option, and he certainly doesn't want to be out of the Laker limelight.
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