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SG JJ Sullinger (Official Thread)

I went to high school with JJ, and trust me, driving intoxicated isn't really 'him'. He blew less than a .1 -- he doesn't drink much, so it's not unbelievable.

However, his dad was quoted in the Lantern as saying it was the first time he's had a few beers, which is a straight up lie (I drank with him some in HS), but he's not really a drinker (unlike me). He's my boy and a great guy, so it was just a small judgment error -- it's like having two with dinner and not realizing until you get home. Not a smart idea but not a maliciously dumb one, either.

Still, from what I know (I haven't talked to him since) he feels great remorse about it and is willing to accept any punishment, but supposedly his overall much improved attitude has gotten him on Matta's good side already. Not sure what this'll do, though.
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Blew slightly under what the legal limit should be,0.10, not this b.s 0.08.

Yeah- The difference between .1 and .08 is a step toward prohibition, not any sort of safety threshold.

Okay- Anyway he made a mistake, and I guess it'll be fun to see what Matta cooks up.
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Bucktastic said:
From what I just heard on 1460, Matta will not suspend him for any games, but action has been taken. What that action is, has yet to be announced.
Good. It's nice to see that he's taking care of this internally, and not caving to a knee jerk type of discipline policy.
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[size=-1]Associated Press[/size]

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Junior guard J.J. Sullinger has been disciplined for being charged with drunken driving but there are no plans to suspend him, Ohio State coach Thad Matta said Friday. Matta declined to specify what action was taken, saying "that's within our family,"

Sullinger, 22, was stopped by Columbus police early Sept. 4 after he was observed driving erratically, according to a police report. His blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.099, above Ohio's legal limit of 0.08.

Sullinger averaged 10.1 points in 30 games last season. He transferred to Ohio State in 2002 after one season at Arkansas.

His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 14 in Franklin County Municipal Court, two days before the Buckeyes start practice.
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tibor75 said:
when you hear about a football player getting in trouble, you naturally worry if it's one of the star players. This isn't a concern when it comes to the basketball team however.
Is that because we're all bandwagon basketball fans, or because we don't have any star players?
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