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Seriously disturbing guy

That girl needs a restraining order against that guy immediately, or whatever the equivalent is in England.

By the way, that is one rocking bedroom he has. My guess is it is the one he grew up in since odds are he still lives with mummy and daddy.
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I even named my computer mouse Scabbers after Ron's pet in the Harry Potter books. It's really fun. Sometimes I'll talk to it while I'm working as though it's a real pet. "Hey Scabbers, I'll give you some cheese if you open that .exe file." Or something like: "Scabbers, you little rascal, did you just cause my computer to freeze?"
I may be 37-years-old but Harry Potter really brings out the kid in me. Honestly. I went to Wal-Mart a few weeks after reading the first book and got a bunch of the Harry Potter Lego sets, which I built and proudly display all over monitor at work. I even have a Harry Potter screensaver on my computer that shows Harry in the middle of a heated quidditch match, swooping down on his broom, reaching out precariously to grab the golden snitch. Then the phrase "CAN YOU DIG IT?" flashes up on the screen. It's pretty awesome. It was well worth the $19.95 I spent on it.
I love books, as you already may have guessed I was always using my wits to get my friends out of trouble. One night at a D&D role-playing game party in 6th grade, my friend Joey spilled Dr. Pepper all over the couch. I used a special mixture of baking powder, salt, and ground oregano to bring out the stain. We'd always argue over which soft drink had the most caffeine. Those were good times.
This is funny. He's either a great big loser, or a fucking comedy genius. I'm betting on loser. Even the Onion couldn't have made this one up. He has some serious issues.

DUDE, when this girl does turn 18 she's not gonna want to hook up with someone who looks like her dad.

This is natural selection at work here. His mom must've known hor son's a real loser, and is trying her darndest to keep him from procreating and having more loser kids of his own. She must be thinking, "If I keep letting him live here for free and keep buying him Harry Potter books, nobody will ever want to have sex with him! Plus, even if he does manage get into some girls pants, it'll definitely be a fat chick, and there's no way the two of them will be able to do it in that bed!"
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Yeah, I am seriously hoping this is a sick joke by some kid. If it is real then something needs be to done about this guy.

He is definitely not breeder quality.

jlb: too funny, I had the same thought about selection but your post wasn't up yet. Oh yeah, his genes are destined for extinction. . .
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From the guestbook:

<TABLE cellPadding=2 width=480 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#ffffff>NAME</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333>Roman Polanski</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%" bgColor=#cccccc>
</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333 colSpan=2>Ahhh...this bitch is a little too old for me but if I played football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers I might fantasize about beating the shit out of her...or maybe dragging her down a couple of flights of stairs.

God I miss the good old days.
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#ffffff>DATE</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333>Wednesday, June 23rd 2004 - 08:37:32 PM</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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If you actually read through a lot of the entries in that guest book, you'll see that the entire website is a joke. There's one about halfway down that talks about an old Onion article, and apparently the author of that article is the same as "Jason". I don't buy that it is serious, but damn it is funny.
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This was in the guest book WTF?!?!

<TABLE cellPadding=2 width=480 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#ffffff>NAME</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333>MililaniBuckeye</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#cccccc>URL</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333 colSpan=2>http://cinnmon.bryants.net/forum/</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%" bgColor=#cccccc>
</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333 colSpan=2>Come visit my site. We are also a bunch of faggots.</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right width="20%" bgColor=#ffffff>DATE</TD><TD width="80%" bgColor=#333333>Thursday, June 24th 2004 - 01:28:55 AM</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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