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Selling 2 Cincy tix at cost to highest post count

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I have 2 Alumni tickets I need to sell. This is not open to bidding. The poster that the highest post count among those that say they want the tickets gets them shipped today. Deadline to respond is 3:45 EDT, about 1 hour from now.

edit - that's highest post count as of 2:45 EDT, so don't bother padding the count on another board before posting on this thread!

Gate - South Stands, Sect. 36B
Row 9, seats 9 and 10

Price - 2 @ $57.00
Parking pass - $7.50
Shipping costs from Chicago - $3.50

Total - $125, not subject to change

If you respond that you want them, be availble for a PM to arrange shipping and payment, between 3:45 and 4:00 EDT.

FYI, I got 1-time approval from a mod other than Clarity to do this, since there's no bidding. But it may not be allowed in the future, since it's Clarity's call.
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Mili, I was pretty sure you wouldn't bid, based on geography. I also thought about putting Tibor on my 'ignore' lists, but I left it open to all.
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At this point I'm not considering your post as indicating that you want in on the chance at the tickets.

As I think you realize now, the 2:45 was for the time to evaluate the post count, which was when I posted the thread. I'm trying to avoid anybody posting meaningless threads for an hour and then posting on this thread with a higher count than they would have had.

Only about 20 minutes left, tsteele!
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Gave my tickets in 4A to a client because I was supposed to be in South Beach visiting friends this weekend and it's good business. Now, Hurricane Frances has obviously put my Florida plans on hold. Looks like I will be watching the game at home instead.

Don't mean to trivialize the impending hurricane, so hopefully I didn't offend anyone. But this sucks...
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