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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
scUM is starting slow today.

A few thoughts:

They seem to be doing 3 main things in the air...

1. Quick out/screen to Breaston/Avant
2. Massaquoi down the middle
3. Edwards over the top

I think this bodes fairly well for us (if we get good play from our safeties)
Fox and Youboty have seen a whooooole lot of those little quick-hitters. They're solid on covering them (with help from Hawk and Carp). We've got quick safeties and sure coverage deep (not to mention taller DB's than MSU :)), so Eddie is less of a threat (but still a key to the game).

I Worry about the TE game. scUM's TE's and FB are very sure-handed, and we've had problems with those outlet receivers this year. I think Schlegel's cover skills may end up being a key for our defense next week.

If our front 4 hold firm, and get good run support from the LB's and safeties, I think we can contain (but not completely silence) Hart...

I know everything changes for this game... the records go out the window. We will play our best game. The boys will be fired up (and remember that the big problem mid-season was lack of fire). We stand a good chance of beating those damn weasels, and THAT, my friends, would be SWEET.
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