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McMullen will likely rejoin Destroyers on practice team
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Bill Rabinowitz
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The Columbus Destroyers waived Scott McMullen yesterday, which did not surprise the former Ohio State quarterback. He knows his time away from the Arena Football League team likely will be brief.

Unless another team claims McMullen, the Destroyers will sign him to their practice squad. Coach Chris Spielman said the team also plans to re-sign three other players cut yesterday.

"I’ve pretty much known since about a week into camp what they were thinking about doing with me," McMullen said. "The main thing with me is I don’t have any experience. That’s what’s killing me.

"Everything’s shrunken down so you have to make quicker decisions. You just have to get a feel for how it’s played. That takes time and reps in practice."

In reducing their roster to the AFL limit of 24, the Destroyers also waived defensive specialists Bobby Britton, a former Ohio State player, and Justin Isom, and offensive specialist Randall Lane.

The Destroyers are set at quarterback with Chad Salisbury as the starter and DeSales and Otterbein product Matt D’Orazio as the backup. The team cut its starter last year, Ryan Vena, last week.

McMullen was Craig Krenzel’s backup at Ohio State. McMullen signed as a free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles last spring but was released before training camp.

Britton was a reserve defensive back for the Buckeyes from 2000 to 2003.

Offensive specialist Bobby Olive, who was a Destroyers coach last season, is the only former Buckeye on the team.

The Destroyers open their season Friday in Nationwide Arena against the expansion Nashville Kats.

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