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tBBC Scarlet and Gray Drive Time Re-Wind: OSU the BBall School, Rosselli, Martell and Clark


Scarlet and Gray Drive Time Re-Wind: OSU the BBall School, Rosselli, Martell and Clark
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Welcome to the daily rewind of the previous days or weekends articles here on the Buckeye Battle Cry with some commentary from little old me (@wvabuckeye) and links to the author’s tweets!

Joe Dexter gets the lowdown on a beloved wrestling assistant moving onto the BIG12

“Ohio State Buckeye Associate Head coach and Ohio RTC headman Lou Rosselli has accepted the head coaching position at the University of Oklahoma. The former Edinboro wrestler and assistant, who just helped lead Kyle Snyder to a 97 KG Olympic title, will take over for Mark Cody, who stepped down earlier in the month.”

New at tBBC: Lou Rosselli named new head coach of Oklahoma https://t.co/vqRYPijAht

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 30, 2016

@Mmeals joins us for a guest article that rapidly rocketed him to the top of the heap and is now a full time employee (save for his initiation party).

“Like most Ohio State fans, I take great pride in seeing the men of the Scarlet and Gray take the field every Saturday in the fall, putting my home state’s name on over their own name, and playing with everything they have. Being a Buckeye fan has given me more pride and things to boast about than almost every other college football program has in the 33 (starting of 34) falls I have been on this earth and able to witness.”

New at tBBC: Opinion: Will Ohio State Ever Be A Basketball School? Does it Matter? https://t.co/Y5rxLN6s5b

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Ben van Ooyen runs his daily gambit and is rapidly becoming one of the best in the business. We are lucky to have him!

“Since the commitment of Tate Martell to Ohio State, Danny Clark has taken a back seat even though he has been committed for what seems like 10 years now. Clark and his team at Archbishop Hoban started off his senior season in a big way on Friday. Clark finished 14-23 passing for 196 yards and 2 TD’s as well as rushing for 3 more TD’s in their 42-14 win over Canton McKinley.”

New at tBBC: Heard Around the 'Shoe – 8/29/2016 https://t.co/zuQvzG5C0S

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Brandon Zimmerman gives us the inside scoop on whom to follow with regards to our opponents this season.

“I’m here to help you find out all you need to know about their opponents by giving you members of the media who specialize in the Buckeyes opponents. Keep this page bookmarked and come back to it often!”

New at tBBC: Buckeye Opponets: Who to Follow in the Media https://t.co/AhEQYbEQG0

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Ben van Ooyen catches up on the latest roster hit.

“The Buckeyes depth chart took another hit today, as it was reported by Tim Shoemaker at 11 Warriors that red-shirt freshman Torrance Gibson has been suspended for the fall semester”

New at tBBC: Torrance Gibson Suspended for Fall Semester https://t.co/0PE1qisRqu

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Joe Dexter gives a quick hitter from our graphics friend.

Our friend Kevin Dearth is at it again! Much thanks to the best Buckeye Graphics man out there for sharing this wallpaper for your desktop or laptop.

New at tBBC: Buckeyes On Your Computer https://t.co/np5a1VFoeq

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

WVa rounds up the troops in this pre-season edition of tBBC Awards

New at tBBC: TBBC Awards: Pre-season Edition https://t.co/MyLmpmH94J

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Shannon and Chip are joined again this week with Brett Ciancia of PickSixPreviews.com

“They start off with Rutgers who they all feel will finish last in the division followed by Maryland. All three agree the hires of Chris Ash for Rutgers and DJ Durkin for Maryland are excellent hires.

They then discuss Indiana and their ever-changing defensive coordinators. The problems they have defensively and the loss of some key offensive players.”

New at tBBC: Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast: Big Ten East Discussion https://t.co/4qc0ftIWrr

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 29, 2016

Joe D. brings us the latest news and views from former wrestlers on Associate Head Coach Lou Rosselli leaving the Buckeye wrestling program and Ohio RTC to coach the Oklahoma Sooners.

New at tBBC: Lou Rosselli named new head coach of Oklahoma https://t.co/vqRYPijAht

— The BBC (@The_BBC) August 30, 2016

“Lou is the man,” said 2008 National Champion Mike Pucillo on an April 2015 episode of tBBC Radio Hour. “He is one of the best technical coaches I’ve ever been around. He makes everything look easy. Its unbelievable how good he is technically and as a coach. He brings a lot to the table on the college and international level. He’s on par with being the top-international coach in the country if not already there.

“His presence at Ohio State from day one has been huge from day one.”

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