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tBBC Scarlet and Gray Drive Time Re-Wind: Deluge of a Hurricane, Sunday Morning Coffee, Non-Rev,...

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Scarlet and Gray Drive Time Re-Wind: Deluge of a Hurricane, Sunday Morning Coffee, Non-Rev, Dontre Wilson
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Welcome to the daily rewind of the previous days or weekends articles here on the Buckeye Battle Cry with some commentary and links to the author’s twitter account!

Ben van Ooyen wraps up the deluge that was the stoppage of a Golden Hurricane, literally!

“The Buckeyes entered today 1-0 coming off a record breaking performance last weekend against Bowling Green. The offense racked up 776 yards of total offense and score 77 points, the most since 1950. There was the threat of some severe weather at kickoff, however it held off until around halftime, but it didn’t help the Ohio State offense.”

New at tBBC: Defense Shines through the Rain Clouds as Buckeyes Douse Tulsa 48-3 https://t.co/j0oozdzoqK

— The BBC (@The_BBC) September 11, 2016

JC Collingsworth weekly reflection with Sunday Morning Coffee in 1941

“The morning breeze was sporadic, more warmth then relief. The early morning hours served the same purpose as the day before, a promise of a heated and uncomfortable duration.

Paul Brown had just been hired by The Ohio State University. His legend was cemented by his tenure at Massillon High School – which between 1935 and 1940 he won six State Championships and four National High School Championships. He was guaranteed $6,500 for the year. Needless to say it was a huge increase.”

New at tBBC: Sunday Morning Coffee: September 27, 1941 https://t.co/nkbPTmAwR7

— The BBC (@The_BBC) September 11, 2016

Ben hits it through the uprights here with this senior spotlight on Dontre Wilson

“Although injuries have plagued much of Donte Wilson’s Ohio State career he still entered his senior season as the most experienced player on the 2016 Buckeye roster. Wilson has played in 33 games in his career at Ohio State and is one of only six seniors on scholarship on this Buckeye team. Dontre was at one time committed to the Oregon Ducks, but a late push by Ohio State and Urban Meyer was enough to get him to flip his commitment two days before national signing day. Let’s take a look at the career of Dontre Wilson in this week’s senior spotlight.”

New at tBBC: Senior Spotlight – Dontre Wilson https://t.co/yuyKDdLVC0

— The BBC (@The_BBC) September 11, 2016

JC brings the news in this Non-Rev coverage of womens volleyball

“The 12th ranked Buckeyes women’s volleyball team made a statement this past weekend in the Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Invitational in Springfield Missouri.

In their initial meet against IUPUI (3-6) The Ohio State University Women’s Volleyball Team in a 64-minute introduction outscored the Jaguars by almost 14 points per set. The Buckeyes built up a powerful recognition , statistically in kills (56 to 14) while hitting a hitting percentage of .361 to .011.”

New at tBBC: Osu Women's Volleyball Spilt Weekend https://t.co/2e6mn6wlzq

— The BBC (@The_BBC) September 11, 2016

Kevin Galvin comes to roost here at tBBC and throws it down eighties style with his latest

“This game was definitely the tale of two halves for the Buckeyes on offense. The first half against the Golden Hurricanes showed the inexperience and youth of the Buckeyes. While the second half showed the talent, resilience, and heart of the young team.”

New at tBBC: Galvin'ized Takeaways: Buckeyes Rocked them like a Golden Hurricane https://t.co/qAe3hhHvn6

— The BBC (@The_BBC) September 11, 2016

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