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SC Cheerleaders and Negativity


Slick Pete is having a good run,but they don't last long.The one negative is that when you become loaded with talent,big time recruits aren't going there if they think they can't play.Right now,the team has a lot of young players,and don't fool yourself,the big time players study the depth chart.Coop used to call prospects before the bowl game,good move on his part,enough said on that.
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I really don't think this guy is that smart. When did Patrick Turner verbal? When did DeSean Jackson verbal? I really think Turner stays in Tennessee, and Jackson may go to USC but he is also visiting UF too, and possibly Cal too. Also, Gwaltney comitted very early to WVa, does this Java guy really think it was becuase he had no better offers? Gwaltney just needed to wait until it got a little further into the process to get them. I highly doubt he was scared he wasn't getting anymore offers. Plus, wasn't it stated he was going to go to WVa to play with his cousin, or half-brother, Scotter Berry (I have seen him related to Berry both ways). I take what this Java dude says with a grain of salt. Who is he anyways?
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MililaniBuckeye said:
Do you ever post anything in the recruiting forum other than "He's not coming here imo..."?
Hey, as long as the NCAA doesn't revoke the 85-scholarship limit (and 25 in one year)...he's bound to be right more than he's wrong, especially when he says it about 100 recruits every year. :wink2:
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The WWW board is notorious for being an inaccurate rumor mill. Over the offseason, at least 5 starters would be academic casualties by their counts, and Jarrett quit the football team right before Cal. However, Java runs the actual board so he may be more credible than the rest.

For my money, I'll take the tidbits I get from wstripes as gold and be more conservative with other sources. Even wstripes isn't certain with this kid.
I think this one has a short ways more to go.

daddyphatsacs said:
Methomps, are those their varsity cheerleaders? Not as good as I would expect if so.
I don't want to disrespect Clarity or anyone by turning this into a chick thread, but I will just say that if you don't like the cheerleaders maybe you should try out for football. I believe these girls are both recruiters (am I right, Jason?)

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