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Not many will think of this hiring as significant, but UNLV has landed two excellent coaches with John Robinson and now Mike Sanford. UNLV has close proximity to California and there are some serious prep schools in the Las Vegas area. For those of you that don't know Mike Sanford; he was the offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer at Utah. He is a Californian and could be the man to continue Robinson's legacy. For those that don't remember, UNLV was abysmal before Robinson. They had a very pathetic year, which led to John's retirement, but they never solidified starting players. I went to their loss against Utah State--it was terrible, the game that caused Robinson to announce his retirement. They need help if they'll be staying with the big boys.
I wonder what direction Utah is going for a coach, I would think he'd be the first guy up for the top spot there. UNLV has got a pretty nice built in recruiting advantage but it might be a tough sell with parents.
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This will be very interesting to the entire country, if for no other reason than to see if Meyer's offense takes a hit like Bawby's did at FSU after losing his rather famous coordinator. His hasn't been the same since...and we'll see what Meyer can do with it.
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