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"The young cornerback is generally considered mechanically solid and athletically gifted but with too many mental lapses, attitude problems and injury issues. He fits the Jim Haslett prototype cornerback: small, aggressive, good tackler. At the very least, he should provide the Saints an inside peek at the Falcons' coverage schemes. The former Ohio State product was a collegiate teammate of current Saints LeCharles Bentley, Cie Grant and Will Smith. Ross shocked his teammates and scouts by declaring early for the NFL Draft in 2002. He has had numerous injuries and surgeries that have so far stunted his career. The Saints inherit Ross' original rookie contract which has one year remaining and carries a base salary of only $380,000 this season."
I met him at tOSU when we were at a few mutual parties...he seemed like a straight up thug.

Then he pulled the BS before the Outhouse bowl...

His rep in SC is not very good either...Ive heard a number of stories from coaches when they realize I'm a Buckeye fan
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August 20, 2004

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- One day after placing a waiver claim on troubled cornerback Derek Ross, the Saints did an about-face and released the former Ohio State standout after he missed a scheduled flight to New Orleans on Wednesday night.

Shortly after the Saints officially claimed Ross off waivers from Atlanta on Wednesday, Saints coach Jim Haslett talked to him by phone and issued a no-tolerance mandate to the cornerback, who was about to join his third team in less than eight months. When Ross missed his flight, the team wasted no time in revoking its waiver claim. Because of NFL rules, Ross could not be officially released until Friday.

``I don't know if he made it in or not,'' Haslett said. ``He was supposed to come in. I talked to him and told him what we expected, and we just changed our minds.''

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Parcells criticized Ross for his sloppy fundamentals and his inability to shake a lingering knee injury that kept him out for six games.

Ross fumbled twice while returning kicks in a Nov. 27 loss to Miami, then missed a team run and a mandatory hospital visit the next day. Less than a week later, Parcells waived him.

Fifteen teams, including the Saints, placed waiver claims on Ross, but the Falcons earned his rights.

Ross played in two games with one start for Atlanta last season. The Falcons waived Ross on Tuesday after he missed more than a week of camp with knee tendinitis. The Saints were the only team to claim Ross this time.

Updated on Friday, Aug 20, 2004 11

Tibor....looks like you got your wish...what a joke this guy turned out to be....he has no brains.
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The University reputation as "DB U" really got him drafted so high in the first place. He was probably the most overrated DB to come out of OSU in the last 10 years at least.
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