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S Will Allen (Official Thread)



Will Allen

Wayne HS retires Allen's No. 4 jersey
Will Allen update


For Will Allen and Cooper, their contributions have been on special teams. They are tied for seventh on the team with four special-teams tackles. Allen also forced a fumble in the Sept. 26 game against Oakland.

This time last year, Allen, the Bucs' fourth-round pick, was well on his way to earning All- America honors as a strong safety for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Cooper, Tampa Bay's third-round selection, was in the midst of his best season at the University of Washington - a team-leading 89 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions (one for a touchdown).

Neither has registered any defensive statistics this season.

``Sometimes it's discouraging, sometimes it's not,'' Allen said. ``It just depends on how you look at it. I just have to stay positive and fight through it, because it is what it is.''

Enduring their rookie duties, coupled with surviving the transition from the college game, can make for a good start into an NFL career.

``It definitely helps build your character to fight through adversity,'' Allen said.

``All the things we're going through this year will help us next year. We're all just preparing for our chance. We're anticipating that chance to get in, and we need to be ready for any opportunity to get on the field.''
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Thanks for the update.

I will always count Allen as one of my favorite Buckeyes during the 2002 and 2003 seasons. It's incredible the number of "game-saving" plays he made that I personaly believe should be looked at as some of the defining moments of those two years...i.e., 2002 Cinci INT, 2002 scUM INT, 2003 NC State hit on McClendon @ 1 yard line to name three of my favorites.

Here's to continued success to Will in his Pro career. :drunks:
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galloway is a beast. didnt he put up 400+lbs on the bench while he was at ohio state? he is still doing really well too and he has been in the NFL for a long time if you think about it. as has springs and big daddy.
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