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Go Buckeyes!
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  • The Baseball Bucks came back from a series-opening loss to take 2 of 3 from New Jersey State over the weekend.

    NJSU takes Game 1

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State baseball team dropped a 7-4 contest in the series opener vs. Rutgers Friday night at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium. With the loss, the Buckeyes drop to 21-12-1 and 2-5 in Big Ten play, while the Scarlet Knights improve to 16-17 overall and 3-4 in league action.

    Junior left-hander Tanner Tully received the loss to drop to 4-3. The OSU junior lefty tossed 6.0 innings, surrendering seven runs, six earned, on 10 hits, while walking three and striking out two before giving way to freshman right-hander Ryan Feltner in the seventh. The OSU rookie tossed the final three innings and allowed no runs on three hits with a strikeout and walk. At the plate, Troy Montgomery homered, while Troy Kuhn went 2-for-4 with a RBI and triple. Jacob Bosiokovic had a 2-for-3 day with a walk and run scored and Nick Sergakis went 1-for-2 with two walks, two RBI, double and run scored.

    Game 2

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – On a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the banks of the Olentangy, the Ohio State baseball team defeated Rutgers, 11-3, to even the B1G series at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium. The win gives the Buckeyes a 22-12-1 record, 3-5 in Big Ten play, the loss drops the Scarlet Knights to 16-17 overall and 3-5 in conference action.

    “I think the story was pitching today,” head coach Greg Beals said. “John Havird was in command the entire game. He pitched his butt off last week and didn’t get the win and it’s great that he got it today. It was well-deserved. Craig Nennig played a great shortstop. We made a change in the lineup and you saw some athleticism with Kuhn at second base and Bosi [Bosiokovic] at first base. Tre’ Gantt made a nice sliding catch in right field and had a couple hits. Defensively, we were pretty strong behind Havird today.”

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    Game 3

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State baseball team topped Rutgers, 2-1, to claim a B1G series victory Sunday afternoon at a sun-splashed Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium. After falling behind 1-0 early in the third inning, the Buckeyes responded with one in the fourth and the eventual game-winning run in the sixth, while redshirt sophomore Adam Niemeyer picked up the victory to improve to 3-1. With the win, the Buckeyes improve to 23-12-1 overall and 4-5 in Big Ten play, while the Scarlet Knights drop to 16-19 overall and 3-6 in conference action.

    “Clean baseball for us. We talk about pitching and defense and we certainly got that today,” head coach Greg Beals said. “We got exactly what needed from Adam Niemeyer. Seth Kinker had two innings and three punch outs to allow us to go situational there in the ninth. We went matchup driven and it didn’t happen to be until the ninth inning with Horejsei and then Pavlopoulos to close the door. Today’s win was a product of Friday and Saturday. Tully goes six and Feltner finishes it on Friday and yesterday we scored a bunch of runs to keep our bullpen fresh. It played out very well for us.”

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