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I'd like to see C.K. run about 8 times on Saturday for 50 or 60 yards. Make the scUM linebackers have to spy on him and then burn'em deep. Don't be surprised to see Tressell come out throwing deep to try to spread that Michigan "d" and then watch Krenzel run for 6 to 10 yards a shot after that. If the Bucks can give Krenzel running lanes he will have a good game. This causes the linebackers to watch him and that helps open up his favorite targets in Hamby and Hartstock. I like this match up Saturday. I can't see Perry running all over the Bucks and when the game is put on Navarre's shoulders he'll make a couple of bonehead plays.Good defense, taking care of the ball and a good kicking game is so simple and so underrated. It's ugly and it works
Well I am just worried about Navarre's hitting a home run ball - fr om someone like Edwards or Breston in this game. If we are not sucessfull in containing Perry on runs inside our De-tackles then it could be a long afternoon for our Buckeyes. Michigan will attack us in this area at great lenght, that is for sure.
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very true

navarre won't win the game but he can lose it. perry won't run all over you guys but don't be surprised to see him pile up close to 100 (if lloyd doesn't give up on the run like he did in oregon). edwards, avant and breston are incredible but navarre needs to be on and thats always a coin toss.

what will hurt us (UM) is not having a good passing catching back and the superstar TE we're used to. thats where we hurt people when we're not running well.
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respect?: Good post. Perry had 76 yards on 28 carries (2.7 ypc) last year, but since this is at Michigan, he could get 100 yards if he carries about 30 times. But, if Michigan has to resort to 30+ carries by their RBs and net less than, say, 140 yards, then Navarre had better be connecting with that corps of receivers you have. The key for us will be our DBs keeping your trio in front of them. We won't mind giving up 250 or so yards passing (like Navare got last year), just as long as we don't give up the long ball. If we can prevent any huge plays, and force Michgan to grind it out on runs and dink passes, then I like our chances.
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very true, mililani. but what bothers me of late is it seems like lloyd doesn't have the patience to grind it out. he's more apt to go for longball after longball these days. oregon is a perfect example of that. perry had 11 carries all game. if he sticks with the run (whether its working or not), he'll at least keep the pass rush off a bit and keep the DB's up a few steps. then we'll be more apt to hit a big one. we have three great pass-catchers. all three are gamebreaker types but if we give up on the run, they'll never be open.
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respect?: What's good about our secondary is that they are disciplined enough to not creep up to cheat on the run. We rely more on our LBs to do that. Our secondary has not let a single receiver get by them for a long TD over the last two seasons (the long TD at Wisconsin was due to Gamble biting at the line, and not by getting beat deep). Also, with our DL being the best in the country, we don't have to resort to bringing up our secondary like other teams would, so we can let them play pass defense. I'm not saying that your WRs won't get their passes, but I doubt very seriously if any of them get the home run ball.

Actually, I hope Carr tries to grind it out, because that runs (no pun) right into the strength of our defense, and also minimizes the threat posed by your WRs. The fewer passes thrown, the less the threat.
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Any way you look at it the games comes down to Navarre. If they abandon the run, which is likely if it is not working, Navarre will get pounded. I think they have to keep "trying" to run the ball. If Perry gets around 30 carries he may get close to 100 yards but that will keep our D-line from really getting after Navarre.

I like what respect? said about Carr being impacient. That seems to be dead on. He does give up on certain things too fast. Unlike our complaint with Tressel, Tressel will continue to something until it does work. Carr gives it a try and if it is not a homerun, he ditches it and tries something else.

I think that is what happens Sat. I think Carr bails on the running game and we see maybe 15 carries by Perry and maybe 30ish yards. If that happens, the day will be ours. Navarre will not beat us alone.
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well if UM isn't running well and lloyd starts chucking every down, we're screwed. i really don't feel your pass defense is very good but they can be if they know whats coming. if navarre throws more than 40 passes, tOSU wins big. but... if the run is somewhat effective and we have a decent balence, we'll score in the air. your run defense is just sick, there's no arguing that. but your pass defense is ranked very low.

my buckeye friends claim thats because everybody gives up on the run and throws non-stop after the 1st quarter so the stats are skewed. that makes some sense but i don't think it tells the whole story. i think there are some weaknesses back there.

and lets not forget... UM is giving up about 6 points a game at home. pretty damn staunch. it's not like Michigan is gonna have to score 30 points to win.
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and lets not forget... UM is giving up about 6 points a game at home. pretty damn staunch. it's not like Michigan is gonna have to score 30 points to win.

Central Michigan
Notre Dame

That's one respectable opponent. I'm so tired of hearing scUM fans and ESPN talk about how good their defense is at home.
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CK and Tressel are the keys to this game in my opinion.

I hear all over the radio here in West Michigan how UM is going to run it up on us. They continually talk about Navarre being the key to the game.

I firmly believe how CK goes will be how the game goes for OSU. He is going to need to play a strong game both running and passing for us to win and keep UM's defense honest.

I like Tressel over Carr in the coaching battle. He knows how to win games, especially playoff type games and that is what this game really boils down to at this time.
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I don't agree that we go how CK goes because CK doesn't 'go'. His job is not to screw up. I don't see JT trying to win this one with the offense after 25 straight winning with D and special teams. It will be decided by Pape and Smith and the guys around them. If Pape and co. win their battle Navarre has a big game and Michigan wins - possibly wins big.
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