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tBBC Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: Hurricane Dissipated, Okie State Debacle, Ohio State Play...


Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: Hurricane Dissipated, Okie State Debacle, Ohio State Play Calling
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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What a difference a week makes! Thankfully there is plenty going on in the world that my buddies here at tBBC have plenty to spew. Let’s get rolling with the very very good.


I was just having a discussion with a fellow usher on Saturday when Marshon Lattimore had his pick-six that we needed the rest of the secondary to join the Malik Hooker party. Couldn’t have been better timing as far as I am concerned. There has been so much hype around the young lads joining Gareon Conley this season but us Buckeye fans have heard that song and dance before.

The difference in then and now is the proof is coming in results! Seven interceptions by four different players with three different players registering pick-sixes. The only one not getting into the act yet is junior Damon Webb, The fact that this whole group is ball-hawking the way there now leads one to believe that the future will get better.

The other thing we were discussing is the concern about covering the slants. This defense is being a very attacking type right now and that should lead to some holes that cause some worry. The beauty of the man coverage is sometimes a receiver will lead a player to the ball. I will take Hooker and Conley’s ability to always be near the football over press coverage any-day. Their instincts have been remarkable so far and will be needed this Saturday night in Norman.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Rumblin’

Scott – My stomach. I’m hungry. Also the Ohio State secondary. Playing well against fast-paced teams.

JC – The Ohio State University’s Defensive backfield – Hooker, Conley & Lattimore … they are shining at this moment. I have full confidence they will march into Norman hungry to provide evidence that the two previous outings wasn’t a fluke, or overmatched competition. Lest, we must not forget Hubbard either.

Brandon – The offenses in the Arizona State/Texas Tech game last night. If you didn’t stay up, you missed out on a very fun game. These two teams combined for 1,263 yards of total offense and 17 touchdowns! The pride of Falcon, Kalen Ballage, had eight touchdowns on only 15 touches. The Sun Devils won by a final score of 68-55.

MDotySr – Rookie Carson Wentz for North Dakota State. Starting as a rookie yesterday and played like a vet. Very happy for the young man and I think he is going to be a good one before you know it.

Ben – FCS teams. They may not win a lot of games against FBS teams, but we saw Illinois State beat Northwestern on Saturday and Nichols gave Georgia all it could handle, losing only by 2. I really enjoy it when FCS teams make FBS teams look silly. As long as it’s not Ohio State.

Mike Meals – Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin. They are twin brothers who play defense for UCF. Shaquem had has hand amputated when he was 4, and has worked passed that to become a Division 1 Football Player for the Knights. It’s really a touching story of how they stuck together to play college ball on the same team. And as if being college students and D1 athletes wasn’t enough, they started and still run their own youth track team in Tampa. The world is full of bad things that happen regularly, we need to get more stories like this out there. Here is the link to a great write up on them both from the Orlando Sentinel.

UCF Knights Story


I never throw fellow officials under the bus. I am slightly considered to be someone who knows the rules in this neck of the woods and I always have my nose in the rule book, studying the rare plays and rules that can sneak up and bite you. My crew had a play two seasons ago at the end of the half that i just about messed up because it had never happened to me.

Team A was driving at the end of the half and had the ball third and 10 at the other teams 35 yard line. The QB was pressured and took off running for what appeared to be a long TD at the end of the half that would have put them up over a good opponent and the game had playoff implications for Ohio. A defensive player caught up to and trapped the QB around the 7 yard line at which point her threw an illegal forward pass that was caught and scored as a TD.

During this whole play the play-clock ran out to end the half. Without going into any more details about how we handled it, we spent about ten minutes in the rule book to find out that you don’t extend a quarter or half for plays that include a loss of down, a non-player foul or and unsporting act. This was a very valuable learning experience for my crew and I did some research to find out it’s the same for college.

The fact that a professional crew like the one that had the Okie State and Central Michigan game didn’t know this provision baffles me. The replay crew could have stopped it and the supervisor of those officials who was watching could have called and said they were making a mistake. Now as it stands, Okie State has a loss they probably shouldn’t have and the crew has been suspended two games, whoopie.

The Okie Pokie Story

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Stumblin’

Scott – Clemson. Won’t be long before it loses twice.

JC – Clemson. Troy was their scary moment. It cost them in the AP. Things like this happen to good teams. They clearly played not to lose. You can’t say they were looking ahead to South Carolina State! So, clearly, they were caught flat-footed and completely underestimated a small school’s hunger to shine Nationally.

Brandon – The defenses in the Arizona State/Texas Tech game last night. Okay the offensive explosion was fun to watch and as an ASU fan, I enjoyed the game and thought it was fun. With that said, calling these two units defenses is an insult to defenses everywhere. I am not sure either team has ever really practiced pass coverage in their lives. Numerous times, these teams would drop eight people back into coverage and still leave guys wide open 20 yards down the field. That is some next-level incompetence. Both teams defenses were far more concerned with trying to come up with big hits than they were with wrapping up. I lost count how many times defensive players would come in and lower their shoulder…simply to have the runner bounce off and continue.

MDotySr – Clemson Tigers and playing not to lose instead of playing to win versus Troy. They did hang on but that is awful close for the number #2 ranked team in the country.

Ben – The refs in the Oklahoma State/Central Michigan game. They gave Central Michigan an extra play after an intentional grounding call on the last play of the game by Oklahoma State. By rule the game should have been over after the penalty, but the refs blew it. Oklahoma State coaches also blew it by not saying anything to the refs. Obviously no one knew the rule, so Oklahoma State suffered a loss and the refs have been suspended.

Mike Meals – Scott has it…Clemson played terrible and barely hung on to win that game. And the kid with the punt return who went full Desean Jackson, on a fantastic punt return? That’s not acceptable. Dabo better get his team’s attention real quick, or the Tigers will be outside looking in again.


Trying to figure out this offensive thing . . ,

I have to be honest here when I say that I was pretty nervous while the game was 6-3 late in the first half. If not for the heroics of the secondary with two -pick-sixes within a couple minutes of each other, the Buckeyes may have taken one on the chin letting Tulsa stick around.

Now I know this probably isn’t truly an ugly situation but it really could have been. I am in support of Urban Meyer’s desire to not show Oklahoma and the rest of the world some of the new wrinkles this season, but anyone that has coached against him will know whats coming. They just have to do what they can to stop it.

This Ohio State offense is young for the most part and needs to rapidly develop the wide receivers and that’s difficult to do when you are running straight on blocking and running a belly dive. It felt like the stadium was going to explode on the series prior to the first pick-six. If they would have run one more dive play I think the boo birds would have come out.

The other issue at hand was a big storm was coming and would have been a great equalizer for the Golden Hurricane. We have some very capable players in Zone 6 that need touches as much as Wilson and Samuel. To get them better and spread the wealth this offense will have to open up. If that ends up being loss of touches for Weber than so be it.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Bumblin’

Scott – Jim “Booger” Harbaugh. If you’re gonna pick the nose, make sure there is no camera on you.

JC – I am still unhappy with the play-calling. Warriner and Beck and their “little” cozy-fest upstairs is hardly providing me with confidence. This team is explosive. Challenges and new-things needed to be hammered out in these last two weeks. BG was just completely there for the money. My Mother, God-rest her lovely soul, could have plowed in for six. Tulsa, too, was looking for some national attention. These are the games to do “something”. And though some will argue the point “they-won” both times handily …. This is my point – explore more in “obvious” romps. I am still not sold on Warriner and Beck …. I am not! I am not! I am not!

Brandon – Okay I’m going to be critical of the Buckeyes and I’m sorry in advance. Against Tulsa, J.T. Barrett ran the ball 16 times with almost all of them being QB designed runs. This is the guy which the season rides on…a week before they travel to Norman. The offensive strategy in the first half was essentially the MSU game from last year which now hasn’t worked twice. I realize you have to work on your plays but there is no reason to run the ball with Barrett that much in a game you could have won by running Dave 60 times in a row.

MDotySr – All the football players who knelt yesterday during the National Anthem on the anniversary of 9/11. It’s bad enough during normal Sundays (and their right) to kneel but on the anniversary of 9/11 is inexcusable in my opinion.

Ben – The Buckeye offense in the first half. I was seriously pissed off during that first half, it reminded me too much of the Michigan State game last year and when you are only up 6-3 late in the first half, even against Tulsa you get a little worried. I think they planned for bad weather, but that is no excuse to not make adjustments earlier in the game when it was obvious that the bad weather would not show up until around halftime.

Mike Meals – The NCAA. It didn’t get a lot of coverage this week that I saw, but over 30 football players from Charleston Southern were suspended for at least 1 game each, for using their financial aid to buy things from the school bookstore that were not allowed. Yes, I agree there needs to be some limits. Yes I agree that you have to police it, more so at Power 5 schools, but still, it must be watched nonetheless. But there has to be some common sense here. These kids weren’t at Best Buy getting big screen Sony’s and Macbooks. They were buying things at the bookstore any other student could buy with their financial aid. And to make matters worse, Charleston Southern had to go play Florida State last week, shorthanded. And as we all know, FSU is the NCAA’s shining light of a clean and perfect program…no crap hidden there whatsoever.

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