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Rudy T. resigned as Lakers Coach on Wednesday


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On ESPiN-News - (I was there waiting to see Gwaltney become a Mtneer)

Rudy Tomjanovich will resign as Lakers head coach tonight. Frank Hamblin, current assistant, will become interim coach. I didn't hear why Rudy's quitting.

Chalk up another scalp for Kobe, unless it's really for health reasons.
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Mitch Kupchak (Lakers GM) on live press conference now.

Talked to Rudy Monday, became clear that '"coaching is not in the best interest of Rudy's health".

Rudy has resigned as Lakers coach today.

Rudy on camera now.

" One, there are no outside influences, be it pressure from above, anything to do with my players, or being here in LA. This is all about me, and how I'm wired. I came her in such great spirits...that's how it started out. About a month ago, some pressures, things that come with coaching, began to affect me physically and mentally."

"As time went by, I could feel my resistance going down. I went from a pumped-up, energetic guy to somebody on antibiotics consistently. I got deeper and deeper into not feeling good."
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