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Ron Wolf? No Sour Grapes, nah.

Itemized for easy consumption

(1) Ron Wolf is one of the most successful and respected NFL GMs in recent memory.

(2) Jeff Garcia is a no-talent ass clown.

(3) Feeley, while probably not a great quarterback, was significantly successful in his time as the starter, and is definitely on a similar level talent-wise as Garcia (being that Garcia is a no-talent ass clown).

(4) Bitch Davis is, in reality, the jagoff in that situation, and is the worst coach the Browns have had since Rutigliano(sp?).
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I tend to agree with Bryant, to a point.
I've bought the NFL package the last couple of years so I've seen Garcia play quite a bit. I really think he is overated. He hasn't been very sharp the last two years. Some of this can be attributed to injuries but mostly I think his best days are behind him. He really tends to short arm or underthrow some passes. I've questioned a lot of the choices he makes on certain plays.
T.O. is probably the biggest ass in football, but some of his complaint were, I believe, legitimate.
The biggest asset he brings is his ability to run around. Couch couldn't do it and that hurt an offense that is weak up front. With a healthy Verba and the addition of Garmon, the line will be better. But not good enough.
Garcia will be on the move a lot.

You can't automatically assume that Feely will or will not be Better than Garcia. The few times he got to play he has shown signs of being a damn good Qb. The jury is out until we're into the season.

I especially agree with Bryant's view on Butch. The guy has not shown the ability to either build or lead a winning team.
If the Browns go 6-10 or even 7-9 this year, they've got to dump this guy.
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the new browns need to make an offer to corny greene or rod gerald.......

the new browns offense could be good with a very, very, very mobile qb.....garcia is not that.....hes mobile....but hes one hit away from retirement....

i should have said a young..mobile...qb...
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Ever been on the Browns forum?
Man, they're all wearing rose colored glasses. I'd bet 80% of'em think they are going 10-6 and are just a player or two away from the Super Bowl.

Tibor should be on that forum. He'd have a lot of fun (plus he'd be gone from here.)
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Yeah, I've been to Bernie's and Cleveland.com forums. I am (or was) a lifelong Browns fan, but I detest nearly all other Browns fans because they are freakin' numbskulls. I tried to bitch at 'em for a while about 12-18 months ago, but trying to deal with those asswipes nearly made my head explode.
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The forum I'm speaking of is on their official website.
There a quite a few intelligent posters but for the most part the are blinded by their love of that organization.
The Couch fans are really funny. They'll never admit that he is not a good NFL Qb. If he never plays again, they'll still say it was simply because he got the shaft in Cleveland. Never got a fair shot.
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I still think Garcia is pretty good. How long he'll last is very debatable.

They way I look at it is simple. 2 yrs ago the defense sucked and the offense was pretty explosive at times... does anyone remember the Titans game and the improbable victory or the Steeler's game in the playoffs where the defense sucked? I do. The defense was vastly improved last year, but the offense lost Green and then vanished. The offense blew last season but always looked pretty good in desperate situations. This year the offense'll probably score more but the pendulum will swing back and the Dave Campo's defense will suck.

In the NFL, I think the potential is there for any team. Some conferences just make life difficult for some teams. I look at the Dolphins having to contend with the Pats. Titans and the Colts. NFC South is solid- perhaps loaded. NFC east is a pretty physical conference. I used to think the same thing about the AFC north, but all four teams seem to be pretty hopeless to dream about the Superbowl.
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The Couch fans are really funny. They'll never admit that he is not a good NFL Qb. If he never plays again, they'll still say it was simply because he got the shaft in Cleveland. Never got a fair shot.
Them's fightin' words! You should've known better than to pick a Tim Couch fight with someone who has a UK .gif in his signature!

How can anyone, the Browns organinzation included, know how good of a QB he really is until he gets the same opportunity that most any other QB would get on any other NFL team? Your average high-profile bust at least gets to ply his trade for a real NFL team before getting shitcanned. The Browns on the other hand, I have no idea what they are I know they are not real NFL team - they just have some NFL membership priveleges. Palmer got fired before he could build his team, and Butch never gave Couch a chance. You may be right, he may suck. Until he gets to play behind a real NFL offensive line and with a real NFL running game, for a real NFL head coach who will actually give him a shot to prove that he is or is not the franchise QB that so many thought he was. Hell, the current Browns team would make Sammy Baugh himself look like Ryan Leaf or David Klingler.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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