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Romunn Grigsby (Kansas State signee; possible transfer)


Romunn Grigsby showed alot of critics what he was made of tonight. The kid had some big offers and decided to go to KSt. It's a shame that we cannot offer kids like him because we have limited scholies. He is obviously gonna be one heck of a football player and will cause BIG 12 db's headaches.

The thing that really burns me is that on other sites there are people already mad because we didn't offer this kid. Blah...Blah...Blah... man we can't offer everybody. I'm sure the coaching staff evaluated this kid and knew he was gonna be a stud. The best thing about Grigby going to KSt. is that we will probably never face him. I'm happy for an Ohio kid thats gonna be a great player.

The WRswe did get were studs. Albert Dukes was the MVP of the Florida version of the N & S game. Dukes destroyed the best DB'S in florida. The best thing about Dukes is he was a preseason 2** and ranked anywhere from 70-100th at the WR position by most gurus. At the end of the year he was a 3-4* and on everybodies top 25 at the WR position.

Devon Lyons was the best safety and wr prospect out of PA. We stole this kid from alot of schools. This kid is a manchild and will pay dividends in a couple of years.

I'm tired of hearing about Wheelright,Davis, and guys we didn't get. Our coaches know what they are doing. I'm sure they are saying well we knew that was coming. They watch these players year after year at the camps. They know who's gonna be who in college. We need relax and let the coaches do their thing.
The thing that really burns me is that on other sites there are people already mad because we didn't offer this kid.

That is precisely the reason why I do not miss Bustnuts at all...there are so many know-it-alls over there. The kid may have received some big offers, but I don't recall him even being mentioned here on BP. With the work that BuckNutty and Buckskin86 do with recruiting, if the kid were really on folks' radars, they would've mentioned him. Besides, one good game does not a superstar make.
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That is a big problem with bucknuts, rivals, and other sites. They get invaded by people that are fans of different teams and know it alls. I stopped posting on bucknuts a while ago. That site has mostly all new posters and the vets of that board run this board now. This site blows any of those message boards off the map.
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I wish every good player in Ohio could become a Buckeye. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. That's one of the curses of Ohio having so many talented kids year to year. Unfortunately, some of them get away.
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Yeah.....interesting offense to play WR in. They have athletic QB's that break the pocket and throw down field when receivers come back to the ball or break off their routes.

I guess it is a little like being recruited at Nebraska (before Callihan) where you know you might get 30 receptions a year and lead the team.. good luck to this kid and I hope he puts some weight on!
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I think Duane was pretty high on Grigsby last year. I think he mentioned he thought he was the most polished receiver in Ohio, if not the most spectacular. While Grigsby had a good game I'm not at all upset by the fact we didn't land him. I'm very happy with Dukes and Lyons.
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I'm with everone on the Bucknuts issue here. You win some, you lose some, you let some go, but we have a roster chocked full of Ohio guys, and that makes me very, very happy.
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