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High School Robert E. Lee Football To Play In Ohio Next Season


Hall of Fame
I am not sure if this is posted yet; if it is, please disregard:
The hype has begun for the 5A Division 1 State Champion Robert E. Lee Red Raiders season next year. Lee will not only be defending their crown, they'll be representing Texas in a pair of interstate matchups.

In the season-opening East Texas Kickoff Classic, Lee will host a Florida high school, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna. The high school is a private school with about 900 students and a football pedigree, quite similar to Shreveport Evangel.

Now, Lee has confirmed they'll be taking a road trip of their own, all the way to Ohio. September ninth, Lee will play against Cincinnati's Colerain High School, the reigning Ohio state champs, in Columbus the night before the Texas-Ohio State game.

With these two interstate games, Lee will be looked at as representing Texas, and coach Mike Owens says he's okay with that.

"The title 'Defenders of Texas,' that's a lot of pressure to put on a bunch of kids," Owens admits, "but that's the way it is. The whole Texas football playing community will be watching to see how we're going to represent the state of Texas."

The Colerain Cardinals are the defending Ohio State Champions of District 1. Their enrollment is about 2200, very similar to Robert E. Lee in size. Last year, they ended the season ranked at #5 in the USA Today national polls, and over the last five years, they've only lost one regular season game.

There is talk of this game being put on television, but nothing is official yet. The entire event is being set up by a sports marketing company, which will be paying for Lee to come to Ohio.

The only downside to the trip is this game will replace the regularly scheduled game between Lee and Lufkin. It will return in 2006.