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Ridiculous question thread.


Calmer than you are.
Apr 7, 2004
In a room 1,000 years wide
I don't know if this belongs on the open discussion board, but all of this should be Buckeye football related.

Since we don't have some of the stupid posters on this board, that are on certain other boards. I figured we could have some fun, and get all of the stupid, "fluff" questions out of the way with just one thread.

Here are some examples:
1.) Will the Zwick vs. Smith QB battle have an affect on MoC's draft status.
2.) If it does have an affect. Should we switch from scarlet uni's to black uni's, from time to time?
3.)If we switch to black uni's. Will that increase or decrease out chances of going undefeated?
4.)If we go undefeated. Will it be because of all of our "florida speed"?
5.)If we do win due to speed. Do we have to move tOSU to Columbus, Geogia, in order to retain our "southern speed" status?

Feel free to add any other stupid questions about the Buckeyes that you wish.


Capo Regime
Staff member
Feb 20, 2004
In the vicinity of Myrtle Beach, SC
1) Yes because MoC rules and nobody respects him

2) Yes because tradition is overrated

3) Increase because the black will give tOSU an intimidation factor and the fans can dress like the Raider Nation

4) Of course

5) Thats a thought


6) What is Andy Katzenmoyer up to nowadays? He was a heckuva linebacker.

7) Wouldn't Ted Ginn running the option be a no-brainer?
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Mirror Guy
Staff member
Apr 6, 2004
PCP Underground Hideout
-If OSU goes 6-5 this year does JT get fired?

-Where is D'Animal going to play if he isn't the starting MLB?

-Dustin Fox should not be a starting corner because he is a natural safety.

-When is the Spring Game? (I posted that one only because I didn't know the time and couldn't find it on the first 4 pages or in the search)

-Who's playbook would you like to see JT use (DJ)

-What was MoC's 40 time (DJ)
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