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Ricky sets the record for shortest retirement


Never Forget 31-0

Maybe Ricky Williams is tired of traveling. Maybe he has run out of books to read. Or maybe he doesn't want to pay the $8.6 million he owes the Miami Dolphins for breach of contract.
Maybe he just ran out of weed?

``All I can tell you is that Ricky has asked me to explore and to try to facilitate his return,'' Steinberg said. ``He's excited and in good shape and misses football.''
It was just a few months ago he said his heart wasnt in football anymore, this kid has rocks for brains.

``He's in excellent shape,'' Steinberg said. ``He has been working out regularly and looks great.''
Working out regularly?....thats to funny....he probably has been eating like a horse because he has had a major case of the munchies!
I just don't see how his teamates could ever welcome him back on to the team after all the shit he's pulled. Skipping out on your teamates so you could get stoned and then coming back to pay off your debts? It'll be a miracle if he makes it through a season without a blitzing linebacker "slipping" through coverage and knocking him out of a game.
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What a shit-taco. Look, there are plenty of ways, most of them underhanded, that players and owners use to get the upper hand...that's expected. However, when you bail on your teammates, leave the team not enough time to get anybody else, wait until they're 0-4, and then wait until you have to pay them money back, before deciding you will grace them with your presence, you are officially an ass-pelican to your teammates and fan base.

I hope he chokes on his own ganja (of course then he'll just buy more).
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