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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Should Rice just hang it up?


Rice could be headed north to join Seahawks

By JANIE McCAULEY, AP Sports Writer
October 18, 2004
ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) -- Jerry Rice could be headed north to reunite with Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

The disgruntled receiver asked for a trade last week, and Holmgren confirmed Monday the Seahawks were looking into ways to acquire him from the Oakland Raiders.

``Certainly we'd consider it,'' Holmgren said in Kirkland, Wash. ``I had our pro personnel people look at Jerry. Yeah, we're exploring it. ... I would think it would give any team a boost, but really it's up to the Raiders. It's really their call.'``'

When Rice was released by the San Francisco 49ers four years ago, Rice visited Holmgren at Seattle's headquarters.

``He was very much a Bay area guy,'' Holmgren said.

The 42-year-old Rice wants to play for a team that will give him a greater role. He has gone without a catch three times this season, including in Sunday's 31-3 loss to Denver, but still believes he can be plenty productive.

``It is true they are interested in Jerry,'' Rice's agent, Jim Steiner, said Monday afternoon. ``It's really up to the clubs if they're going to get something done with a trade. They know each other, and Mike was interested in Jerry before he signed with the Raiders. He will know the offense if that's where he ends up, and he'll fit right in.''

The NFL's career leader in catches and touchdowns and the only receiver to ever play after age 40, Rice has only five receptions for 67 yards and no touchdowns this year. Last season, he led the Raiders in catches (63) and yards receiving (869).

He claimed the Raiders never told him to expect a diminished role, and he would embrace the chance to play elsewhere because he ``can't go out this way.'' He said earlier this year that this would be his last season, but backtracked later.

Rice left the Raiders' facility early Monday afternoon to handle family responsibilities.

``Nothing,'' Rice said. ``My day is done. I'm going home to take care of some kids.''

Seattle has been considered a logical destination for the NFL's most prolific receiver because Rice knows Holmgren's offense and the Seahawks might need a depth receiver.

Holmgren was Rice's offensive coordinator from 1989-1991 with the San Francisco 49ers, and Holmgren was the Niners' quarterbacks coach starting in Rice's second season with the team in 1986.

In addition, Seattle receiver Koren Robinson could face an NFL suspension for a violation of the league substance abuse policy, but the Seahawks had not yet been notified by the league of any penalty.

``It's between the player and the league,'' Holmgren said.

Would that affect whether the Seahawks add Rice?

``Not really,'' Holmgren said. ``That's a whole separate issue.''

When asked whether he'd be back for Wednesday's practice, Rice said, ``I better be back here.'' His belongings remained in his locker.

^AP Sports Writer Jim Cour in Kirkland, Wash., contributed to this story.