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tBBC Report: Lou Rosselli to be named new head coach of Oklahoma

Joe Dexter

Report: Lou Rosselli to be named new head coach of Oklahoma
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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One of the key people behind the resurgence of Ohio State Wrestling and the growth of the Ohio RTC is moving on to bigger things.

Ohio State Buckeye Associate Head coach and Ohio RTC headman Lou Rosselli has accepted the head coaching position at the University of Oklahoma. The former Edinboro wrestler and assistant, who just helped lead Kyle Snyder to a 97 KG Olympic title, will take over for Mark Cody, who stepped down earlier in the month.

Named the Freestyle Coach of the Year in 2013, Rosselli has worked alongside Head Coach Tom Ryan for all seven of his seasons at Ohio State.

Rosselli helped change the culture at Ohio State and made it one of the few destinations for Team USA wrestlers after graduation.

Names like Tervel Dlagnev, Angel Escobedo, Reece Humphrey, J.D. Bergman and many others have called Columbus home because of Rosselli’s influence. Its also helped blossom the upstart international careers of Logan Stieber and played a part in Kyle Snyder exploding on the scene after beating Jake Varner at the 2015 U.S. Open and advancing to the world championships and eventually the Olympics — where he became the youngest American wrestler to medal in wrestling history.

“Lou has been pivotal in my development,” said Dlagnov on VSporto’s Script Ohio in April after qualifying for the 2016 Olympics. “He’s become a really great friend over the years and I’ve watched him develop a lot of great athletes.

“He is the kind of the guy that demands a lot of respect and it’s easy to follow him because he’s a great leader.”

The former Nebraska-Kearney product made his way to the Ohio RTC after winning his second NCAA DII title in 2008 to be trained by Rosselli. He’ll join the Ohio State coaching staff on Sept. 12 after finishing fourth in the Men’s freestyle tournament at the 2016 Olympic games.

Dlagnev, who battled back issues heading into U.S. Olympic qualifying, said that it was Rosselli that helped him muster the motivation to compete for a spot in the Rio games.

“He never let me off the hook or gave me the easy way out, which at that point I wanted,” said Dlagnev.

“He loves all of his athletes, he cares about all of us and wants us to succeed. Lou Rosselli is a great coach and a great man and its been a blessing to be under him.”

One of the more underrated coaches in all of the sport of wrestling, Rosselli

“Lou is the man,” said 2008 National Champion Mike Pucillo on an April 2015 episode of tBBC Radio Hour. “He is one of the best technical coaches I’ve ever been around. He makes everything look easy. Its unbelievable how good he is technically and as a coach. He brings a lot to the table on the college and international level. He’s on par with being the top-international coach in the country if not already there.

“His presence at Ohio State from day one has been huge from day one.”

Up next for Rosselli is building a coaching staff at Oklahoma in short time. According to FloWrestling’s Christian Pyles the former Fighting Scot is looking to Virginia Tech Assistant Tony Robie to fill a spot on his staff.

Pyles also added that sources indicated that OSU wrestlers were told on Monday that their associate head coach wouldn’t return in 2016.

The Sooners, who have often been buried in the shadows of John Smith and the Oklahoma State Cowboys, are still one of the more storied programs in wrestling history.

Best known as the alma mater for wrestling legends Dave and Mark Schultz, Oklahoma has won seven national titles in school history — which is fourth most behind Oklahoma State (34), Iowa (23) and Iowa State (8).

Despite historic success, Rosselli’s new program hasn’t won a Big 12 title since 2002 and last brought a national championship back to Norman in 1974.

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