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Both teams we have played are veteran teams that are well coaches. Both teams will contend for their conference championships. We are very young and inexperienced. We are undefeated this year!!!!!

Cincy destroyed Miami and Troy St. knocked off Mizzou. Marshall played 5 times better than they did last week!!! We have played better competition than we are being given credit for.

In the last two games we have given up 20 points that were caused by trunovers.

I think we need to play Antonio Pittman!!!!!

Nobody can defend our 4-5 Wr formations.

Take away the turnovers and we kill both of our opponents!!!
I agree...

I think a lot of our problems are just compound by mistakes and youth. We are potentially a brilliant team as we saw flashes of in the first half.

On the other side, we may have to lose a game before the mistakes and turnovers disappear.

I'm hopeful that Tressel is hiding the ball on some of our strategies, but who really knows what's in his mind?
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ok after the onslaught of pessimism...i must admit ive changed my tune. obviously we wont play as bad as we did the second half against NC State. theres a reason tressel is a great coach....hes gonna fix it.

i think i was just looking at it as a fan who wanted to pound on a cocky inbred hick team who talks WAYYYYYYYY too much for as shitty as they are.

this season is more wide open than any i can remember. who the hell knows whats going to happen next week.
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Brutus1 said:
On another note of optimism, didn't Cinci wax Miami, Oh tonight?

Yes. They beat them about as bad as Michigan did. I would've really loved to watch that one, but game plan and the sportspak combined weren't offering it.

As a sidenote, BYU was looking pretty good against Stanford. They and ND may be our only hopes as good games against USC.

As another sidenote, why the hell do USC and Oklahoma leave their starters in until the 4th qtr against grossly inferior teams? I mean its 40 plus to zip and there's Leinart still winging it around. Obviously, he's getting better looks in practice than against CSU. Ridiculous. I'm sure Purdue is doing the same thing. Tressel shuts us down after we go up 7, so maybe I'm a little jealous.
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