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Refreshing to read a reminder of whats good about sports

Jaxbuck said:
Maybe people are actually good at heart

I get so tired of reading all the negative/stupid/selfish shit that happens in sports so this one really made my day a lot brighter. Maybe I'm just being sappy but as a vet this really hit home for me.
Amen. As a former Marine who fought in that shit hole once, I'm glad to see the guys who are having it ten times rougher than I did getting there just desserts. Hats off to the guy who organized this and to Mark Cuban for including the team and the staff in the efforts. Cuban is a fiesty MOFO but never doubt that his heart is in the right place.
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Cuban is a great owner. He treats his fans and his players great, but is also active with the community and doesn't seem to have a penchant for signing thugs, either. So what if he pisses off the refs-they need it!!!!!!
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