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I'm wearing Gold Pants
Forgive my interruption of our glorious celebration over the weasels.

I confess my only OSU mistriss are my Zippy's.

They're in a dogfight against a solid Miami team - winner represents the MAC - East in the MAC Championship game.

Akron has never won a conference championship.

17 - 13 at the half.
it's not coaching ... it's the lack of any defense whatsoever... cannot remember the last year the Zippers had a defense... had Smith... but he was about it... maybe when Taylor was there... damn, I was really hopin'
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Brookhart will bring some success to Akron.
With them finally winning some, and playing for something at the end, combined with the awesome new facilities, he will turn this program around.
He seems to have his shit together.
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Ya can't ask for more...

Zips senior quarterback Charlie Frye electrified the crowd of 17,410 by throwing for a career-high 436 yards and three touchdowns (26-of-43)
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