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Recruits thoughts on the game


'18 Bowl Mania Champ
What do you think Ronnie and the gang thought of the game. The crowd from TV seemed like they could have been more into it, and the turnover problem. Other then that I think they have to be excited about the outcome of this game. I just wish Gowland watched how much of a factor Hamby was.
maybe im crazy but i thought i saw some glenville guys, i barely caught them as they went back into the tunnel. it was right before the half, though they have a game today. #7, #3 and two numbers i think like 59? and 70?. Anyone else see this, a guy next to me mentioned it was wierd that these odd jerseys were on the field, maybe teddy sr brought down some boys or something??? They supposedly came from the osu sideline and i saw them walk into the red covered tunnel.
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