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LGHL Recruits give inside look on Ohio State summer football camps

Charles Doss

Recruits give inside look on Ohio State summer football camps
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


See what some of the prospects had to say about their time spent with Urban Meyer, and the OSU coaching staff.

It’s almost that time of the year again. It might not actually be football season just yet, but with nearly every college football program holding numerous summer camps, the smell is definitely in the air.

From the JUCOs all the way through the Division I ranks, college coaches have been busy teaching and tracking down athletes over the last few weeks. Ohio State is no different.

Holding not just camps on the OSU campus, but satellite camps spread out across the country, Urban Meyer and his rock star group of assistant coaches have had the opportunity to see many of the top prospects on the high school level up close and personal.

With all eyes on camp season, you might be interested to hear from the recruits themselves. Land-Grant Holy Land has your back. See what some of the recent Ohio State camp attendees had to say about their time spent with the Ohio State staff, and more:

2018 WR Elijah Moore

“It was great. I had a good time and they taught me a lot of things. It was a great experience. I spoke with the receivers coach (Zach Smith) and Cris Carter. They were excited to see my electric quickness and they're just excited to see more."
2017 OL Joel Honigford

“The camp went well. We put in lots of work on a hot day and got better. I really enjoyed working with the staff. Coach Studrawa seems like the type of guy I’d work well with. He is very intense, but he’s a big encourager when you do something right. They helped me with my punch and delivering the blow. It still needs work, but they definitely helped.”
2017 DL Darius Stills

“What stood out to me during camp was that it was fast moving, and I love that. Most camps don’t have that fast moving. That’s amazing because I love that stuff. I worked with coach Larry Johnson the whole time. The techniques he showed us were mostly stance and hip movements. He showed us how to flip our hips properly."
2018 DL Dante Stills

“The camp was really nice. I got to work with Larry Johnson. We worked on flipping our hips around and using our hands. He’s an outstanding coach and how he is willing to make you work hard and will try to make you a better player kind of stood out. “
2018 OL Blaine Scott

“The camp was great. I had a lot of 1-on-1 time with coach (Greg) Studrawa and I enjoyed competing. I love coach Stud’s intensity on the o-line and how he coaches. I learned a lot about my punch, and how to attack a defender in run blocking and pass protection. Overall a very good time with great competition.”
2018 DL Tahj Rice

“The defensive line coaches stood out the most. They weren’t just evaluating, they were teaching us techniques to use our hands correctly and coach was big on flipping our hips, but overall I like the way they coach and the facilities are awesome.”
2018 TE Anthony Torres

I had a great time at the camp. I got a lot of exposure and was able to better myself. The coaching staff was awesome. They all had great and unique personalities. They were easy to talk to as well as connect to. I bettered my stances and starts as well as my route running. I got better at using my hands to keep defenders off of me also.”
2018 DB Michael Dowell

“The camp was very good. The competition was amazing. Tuesday was another opportunity to get better. My father took some of my teammates, David Clark, Tye Rice, Darius Wheeler, and N’Tare Williams. I know we all enjoyed ourselves and definitely learned a lot.

What stood out to me at the camp was the confidence of the coaches and how they loved seeing players get after it. Coach (Kerry) Coombs taught me good techniques like how to guard players that may have a step on you. As well he taught good press cover techniques that I liked. Everything I learned I’m going to try to take back to my high school to help us (Lakewood/St.Edward) win another state championship.”
2018 DB Marquis Williams

“They’re great coaches and they taught me a lot in so little time. Coach Kerry Coombs is a big time coach. He makes sure you get taught something. The communication between me and coach Kerry is really growing. I pray I get that offer from OSU.”
2018 OL Jason Swann

“Camp was great. It was awesome that Ohio State brought their whole staff. Since the camp was at our school it was even more special. I got a chance to work with OL Coach (Greg) Studrawa. It was my first time meeting him and working with him. He’s one of the best. He taught me a few things about hand placement that I will work on this summer to get better at my craft. I just wish I had more time to work with him, but these satellite camps are short. But as offensive lineman you have to take advantage of the chance to get in some work because there is no 7-on-7 for us o-line guys.

I also got a chance to talk to some of the other Ohio State coaches like coach (Ed) Warinner, and coach (Tony) Alford. I was really impressed they brought so many coaches. Most schools only send a few coaches to these satellite camps.

I was fortunate because I was named one of the top-10 performers at the camp by the Sun-Sentinel. I’m really looking forward to coming to Columbus and visit for the first time next month.”
2019 DB Kenyatta Watson II

“The camp was really good. It was great to work with coach (Kerry) Coombs and to meet coach (Urban) Meyer. What stood out was coach Coombs detail. He made sure he explained stuff to us first and then put us in drills. I worked with coach Coombs the entire time at the camp. Me and six other defensive backs were in this select group.

The new technique I learned was how to play press man. We don’t do it at my high school (Loganville,GA/Grayson). He told me that he liked me a lot being a big corner. He said I moved very well and had great speed. I just need to get out my brakes faster, which will come, I just have to keep my base low because I’m so tall. I loved everything about the Ohio State staff though.”

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