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Recruiting is already heating up!


Illuminatus Emeritus
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BP Recruiting Team
It's not even Memorial Day, and the juniors are still juniors for another week or two, and yet recruiting is really heating up in Buckeyeland. Ohio State already has commitments from four top players, and a few more kids seems ready to pull the trigger on a Buckeye offer. This recruiting season should be very interesting, and the Bucks are poised to bring in another top class, and possibly one of their best ever. The next 8+ months should be fun! :biggrin:
The next 8 1/2 months should be very fun, interesting, exciting and nerve racking. With OSU already having the number of commits, and soon to be commits, the numbers are going to be very tight. How the juggling act works out might be more than a little dicey. It seems like they are in on thirty great players to fill about ten spots. I guess that's a nice position to be in, but I'm betting JT has a few more gray hairs after the first Wednesday in February.
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