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Recruiting Class Predictions for 2004


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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This thread shouldn't get buried over here like it would at Bucknuts. We can look back on NLOID and see who came the closest. I thought we'd bank a few scholies this year but with Gamble and possibly #13 not returning I suppose we may approach 25. Here is my list.

1. QB Joe Bauserman
2. LB Marcus Freeman
3. TE/LB Chad Hoobler
4. FB/LB Dionte Johnson
5. CB/RB Shaun Lane
6. OL Ben Person
7. RB Tony Pittman
8. OT Steve Rehring
9. CB Brandon Underwood
10. S/CB Sirjo Welch
11. WRMiles Williams
12. OG Jon Skinner
(Todd Boeckman - Grayshirt)
(Cedrick Scott - Grayshirt)

The Rest
13. CB/WR Ted Ginn Jr.
14. WR Fred Davis
15. OT/DT Kyle Mitchum
16. OT Carlos Feliciano
17. RB Darius Walker *
18. RB/WR SirDarean Adams *
19. S Nick Patterson
20. OT Leon Hart *
21. K David Lonie
22. DE Chris Zellner
23. CB/WR Brandon Barrett
24. OT/DL Dumaka Atkins *

Just missed the list - Mike Massey, Brandon Braxton, Brett Gallimore, Nick Smith, Ray Williams, James Bryant, (Claude, Clebert, Dile), Jeremy Zuttah, Dennis Kennedy, Anthony Reddick, Javier Estopinan.
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I am terrible at these predictions especially since there are probably a few names that we haven't heard of yet but here goes in no particular order

13. CB/WR Ted Ginn Jr.
14. WR Fred Davis
15. OT/DT Kyle Mitchum
16. RB Darius Walker
17. S Nick Patterson or Anthony Reddick
18. OL Chris Rutledge
19. OL Brandon Braxton
20. OL/DE Nick Smith
22. DE Chris Zellner
23. CB/WR Brandon Barrett
24. P Justin Kucek
25. Unknown

I hope we do a bit better especially on the O-line- my big shocker verbal is Walker- i am optimistic about him
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86, I'm no good at predicting these things either. I put a * next to the guys I'm less confident about. It's all in good fun and there is always at least one kid who comes out of nowhere. I like your Rutledge pick...he could be a sleeper.
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Nutty - I really like your list; all of the players on it have favored OSU at one point in time, except for Hart, who seems to have OSU as his solid #2 to home fave South Carolina. The two players I would add would be:

1. Albert Dukes, possibly as a replacement to Barrett, although I could see OSU taking both; Dukes is a WR from Belle Glades, Florida (Santonio Holmes school) who has the Bucks as his co-leader with NCST.

2. Rory Nicol, TE from PA, who most recently said that the Bucks were tied with Pitt, and that he will visit OSU unofficially either this Saturday or next.

Also, Lonie is currently a Michigan lean, but favored OSU last year before he was forced to go the JUCO route. I would love to see him at OSU, though, as he is a prospect for both punter and PK.

Other than those minor differences, your list is identical to mine:

RB: Darius Walker
WR: Fred Davis
WR: Albert Dukes
WR: Brandon Barrett
TE: Rory Nicol
OL: Leon Hart
OL: Carlos Feliciano
OL: Dumaka Atkins
DL: Kyle Mitchum
DL: Chris Zellner
DB: Ted Ginn, Jr.
ATH: Nick Patterson
ATH: SirDarean Adams

Wild cards who could totally change the face of OSU's class are Jacky Claude (favors OSU, but wants a "package deal" for his friends), James Bryant (LB from PA who refuses to list favorites until his h.s. season is over, but may have some interest in OSU), and Robert Ayers (LB from South Carolina who has consistently listed OSU in his top 7, and is simply too good a player to give up on). Of course, if Charlie Jones falls in love with Columbus during his visit ....

I think that the Bucks have some serious interest in Nick Smith, who has the advantage of being versatile (can play DL and OL, and Pitt is recruiting him as a TE). However, if the linemen we both list all commit, then there simply won't be room for him.

Nutty - You apparently have a relationship with Jeremy Zuttah, but left him off of your list. Has he lost interest in the Bucks? Just curious ....
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Earlier in the process I thought we were odds on to land Zuttah but lately he has had fewer questions about Ohio State. I know he likes Pitt and has mentioned how close they are to home. Jeremy is well aware of our O-line situation and he has told me he will be visiting, probably on December 12th. I told him the weekend to visit was the 5th but he is hoping to still be in the playoffs at that time. He'll likely visit on the 12th and has asked me who will be there. He's a very bright kid and I think he will enjoy his visit with Tress. Maybe he comes to Columbus, sees the facilities, hits it off with Coach Tressel and becomes a Buckeye? That's what I'm hoping for.
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Thanks for the info.
I hope ya'll are correct in your predictions. If so, this will be a top recruiting class and give the Buckeyes a top team for the next 4 years. However, I'll remain a pessimist until the LOIs are signed.
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Hey OB94, have some hope! Each of the players on my list (except for Leon Hart) is currently or has in the past listed the Buckeyes as his favorite school. Add to that list Mike Massey, Jacky Claude, Jeremy Zuttah, and David Lonie as offered players who do favor or have favored the Buckeyes. That's 16 offered players who have very strong interest in the Bucks right now.

If the Bucks land their four true leans (Ginn, Davis, Mitchum, and Patterson), and any four of the rest (not an unlikely proposition), then they will have a top 5 recruiting class, regardless of whom the remaining 4 or 5 signees might be.
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Based on recent info supplied by "helpinghand" on the Bucknuts boards, I may have to revise my list. He seems to think that Jacky Claude will sign with OSU, and maybe Kennedy and Reddick as well. I don't know who he is, but he has a good track record of supplying accurate info.
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We were all wrong about Morgan so you're no worse than anyone else. I hope I'm wrong about a few other guys :wink2:

I've been thinking Barrett is headed to West Virginia. They looked really good against Pitt and have been having a great year. He could see the field early with them and with guys like Hall, Holmes, Jordan, Hiley and Gonzo in Columbus already and Williams, Morgan and most likely Davis on the way I can't see him cracking the two deep for a number of years. If he wants to play DB we may have more of a chance but we're deep over there as well. I say he stays home.
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I have to admit that I had Morgan in my "long shot" category, but hey, the kid consistently said that he was a Florida lean. I'm glad to be wrong in this case.

Nutty, it looks like we'll all have to change our predicitions now!
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