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Record November 1 and later during Tressel Era


The Buckeyes are 15-4 from November 1 to the end of the season (including bowls) during the Tressel era. During the past three years, the Buckeyes are an even more impressive 12-2. In other words, there are two conclusions that can be reached about the coaching job Tress has been doing:

1. He has the team prepared to play during crunch time;
2. The team improves over the course of the season.

This is a great trend. Here are the results:

Minnesota 31-28 W
Purdue 35-9 W
Illinois 22-34 L
Michigan 26-20 W
South Carolina 28-31 L

Minnesota 34-3 W
Purdue 10-6 W
Illinois 23-16 W
Michigan 14-9 W
Miami 31-24 W

Penn State 21-20 W
Michigan State 33–23 W
Purdue 16-13 W
Michigan 21-35 L
Kansas State 35-28 W

Michigan State 32-19 W
Purdue 17-24 L
Michigan 37-21 W
Oklahoma State 33-7 W


JT is a tremedous football coach ...period!

Instead of rolling through the season undefeated and imploding embarrassingly in the big games that end the season, JT's guys SHOW UP! in the biggest games. Instead of ruining Buckeye Nation's holiday seasons by getting outcoached and loosing to inferior teams, JT ends the year (or begins the new one) on a high note, leaving everyone pumped up for the next nine months. Instead of year after year of bitter disappointment, JT gives us victories we can savor for a lifetime.

The holier-than-thou pontificating that Trev and Mark spewed last night about JT's job being in jeopardy is pure, industrial-strength bullshit. Neither one of these overblown has-beens is worthy to hold Jim Tressel's jockstrap, much less comment on his future at tOSU.

JT will be in the college football Hall of Fame when these Neanderthals are long forgotten, replaced by younger ex-jocks, with prettier hair and more recent athletic achievements.
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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
I was talking to a MSU fan today and he was amazed how the Buckeyes just dominated last night (I had people who never talk about football mention the game to me today). I told him how it is night and day difference between Cooper and Tressel. Cooper's teams were at full tilt from the first game, but never improved during the season. Tressel's teams continue to improve as the season progresses. I am also continuously amazed how quickly adjustments are made during the games under Tressel. You can tell he comes from a playoff background where you need to be playing your best ball at the end of the year.
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