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Recent tOSU Articles - 8/13/04


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<font color="#b90000">Friday, August 13, 2004</font>
Big Ten Back to Big Two, Little...Nine? - The Ozone FB
Defensive Front an Interesting Puzzle - The Ozone FB
Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk swoops on foes - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Coordinator: OSU’s defense may resemble old defense - Dayton Daily News FB
Football Quotes (Aug. 13, 2004) - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Defense takes coy approach to style - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Defense takes coy approach to style - 1460thefan (Dispatch) FB
Focus on celebration protocol - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Focus on celebration protocol - 1460thefan (Dispatch) FB
Guilford pleads guilty to misdemeanor charge - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Guilford pleads guilty to misdemeanor charge - 1460thefan (Dispatch) FB
QB job still open up at Michigan - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
QB job still open up at Michigan - 1460thefan (Dispatch) FB
Buckeyes Begin Football Practice (Link to video) - WBNS 10TV FB
2004 Media Day Slide Show - NBC4 Columbus FB
Suspended Ohio State footballer pleads - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Sidelines set stage for defense's Snyder - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Success the key for Ross - Dayton Daily News FB
Five questions with ... Ohio State running back Lydell Ross - Dayton Daily News FB
Highland graduate to play defensive end (Kudla) - Medina-Gazette FB
Video: Greg Orton (WR) - Bucknuts FB
Guilford faces up to 6 months in jail, $1,000 fine - ESPN FB
Joe Paterno Media Day Press Conference Transcript - Rivals FB
Ohio State Back In The Mix For Currie - Bucknuts BK
Magic add four assistant coaches (Chris Jent) - Inside Hoops BK
Foster savors chance to play early and often this season - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Foster savors chance to play early and often this season - 1460thefan (Dispatch) BK
OSU Women's Schedule - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
OSU Women's Schedule - 1460thefan (Dispatch) BK
OSU women will play 10 NCAA teams - Lima News BK
Carey Fagan Named Ohio State Women's Gymnastics Head Coach - Ohio State Buckeyes OS

<font color="#b90000"> NEWS ON UPCOMING OPPONENTS </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Cincinnati Bearcats - 9/4/04 </font>
UC's Dantonio fires shot at MU - Cincinnati Enquirer FB
Bearcats defense ready to attack - Cincinnati Post FB
Two Bearcats Make Lombardi List - UC Bearcats FB

<font color="#b90000"> Marshall Thundering Herd - 9/11/04 </font>
Herd goes with full pads today - Huntington Herald Dispatch FB
MU defense will be key to success - Charleston Daily Mail FB

<font color="#b90000"> North Carolina State Wolfpack - 9/18/04 </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Northwestern Wildcats - 10/2/04 </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Wisconsin Badgers - 10/9/04 </font>
Dismissal of sex assault charge against Badger player sought - Centre Daily Times FB
UW FOOTBALL: Badgers players, coaches trust in Stocco - Madison State Journal FB

<font color="#b90000"> Iowa Hawkeyes - 10/16/04 </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Indiana Hoosiers - 10/23/04 </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Penn State Nittany Lions - 10/30/04 </font>
The Scrum - O-line works to improve away from the spotligh - Penn Live FB
Happy Valley reclamation project starts - Penn Live FB
Paterno expects Mills to sparkle - phillyburbs FB

<font color="#b90000"> Michigan State Spartans - 11/6/04 </font>

<font color="#b90000"> Purdue Boilermakers - 11/13/04 </font>
Stubblefield looks for wins, not records - South Bend Tribune FB
Sophomore Pollard leading Boilermakers - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette FB

<font color="#b90000"> Michigan Wolverines - 11/20/04 </font>
Comfort zone: UM's Jackson elated by return to cornerback - Toledo Blade FB
Wolverines strong at linebacker Carr calls it the best depth that he can remember at the position - M Live FB
Underwood: I'm ready Senior sheds 10 pounds, prepares to be U-M's every-down tailback - M Live FB

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