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Recent tOSU Articles - 12/30/04


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<font color="#b90000">Thursday, December 30, 2004</font> Alamo Bowl Final - Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7
Ohio State Notches Win in First Big Ten Bowl Action of Post Season - Big Ten FB
Buckeyes Roll Over Oklahoma State, 33-7 - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Game Notes From The MasterCard Alamo Bowl - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Stats: No. 24 OHIO ST. 33, OKLAHOMA ST. 7 - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Ohio State vs Oklahoma State Photo Gallery - Ohio State Buckeyes FB
Notebook: Schlegel keeping humored in Texas - NN of Central Ohio FB
Controversy follows Ohio State to San Antonio - NN of Central Ohio FB
Spencer grades the Buckeyes - NN of Central Ohio FB
Nugent ends career with more records - NN of Central Ohio FB
Buckeyes blast Cowboys in Alamo Bowl - NN of Central Ohio FB
Buckeyes stand tall in big win at Alamo - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Zwick, Ginn carry load as defense smothers Cowboys - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Defense excels from the get-go - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ginn’s star rises with snaps at quarterback - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ross gets redemption in final game at OSU - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Nugent sets scoring mark - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Zwick limps his way to memorable performance - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Team-adoring boosters interested only in themselves - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Lineman’s injury forces Cowboys to alter offense - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Morency laments lack of carries - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Time-Warner cable outage means some miss game - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Alamo Bowl Game Stats - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Scarlet & Gray Matter - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
The Bottom Line - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
OSU Wins Alamo Bowl - WBNS 10TV FB
No. 24 Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7 - WBNS 10TV (AP) FB
Ohio State Bucks Cowboys In Alamo Bowl - NBC4 Columbus FB
Alamo Bowl Slide Show - NBC4 Columbus FB
Alamo Bowl Slide Show-2 - NBC4 Columbus FB
Victory A la mo - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Zwick has little trouble stating case on this night - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
For Geiger, change is good - but not now - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Geiger has door open - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Buckeyes roll to win - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Ohio State's Geiger might retire early - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Herbstreit: Smith returns as starter - Akron Beacon Journal FB
OSU hog-ties Cowboys, 33-7 - Dayton Daily News FB
Geiger: Retiring could be good for me - Dayton Daily News FB
OSU vs OK State Photo Gallery - Dayton Daily News FB
Zwick and quick: Buckeyes dominate from start to finish in Alamo Bowl - Toledo Blade FB
Ginn gives OSU a bright future - Toledo Blade FB
Buckeyes will remember this Alamo - Canton Repository FB
SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: Zwick has heart to go with talent - Canton Repository FB
Alamo Bowl notebook: Geiger defends Tressel’s program - Canton Repository FB
Alamo Bowl Stats - Canton Repository FB
Zwick, Ginn help Bucks win - Lima News FB
Nugent shatters OSU scoring mark - Lima News FB
Ginn boosts Bucks - Lorain Morning Journal FB
Nugent breaks OSU career scoring record - Lorain Morning Journal FB
Replacing Nugent will be no small task - NN of Central Ohio (Mansfield News Journal) FB
Buckeyes leave no doubt - NN of Central Ohio (Mansfield News Journal) FB
Local fans cheer Bucks to victory - NN of Central Ohio (Newark Advocate) FB[/b
Geiger stands his ground - News Herald FB
Bucks the better OSU - Muskogee Daily Phoenix FB
Twin Falls Times-News - Ohio State dominates in win over Oklahoma StateFB
Alamo Bowl Wrap-up - FanBlogs FB
Real OSU responds: Under-fire Buckeyes dominate - San Antonio Express News FB
Richard Oliver: Little to keep Miles toiling in Stillwater - San Antonio Express News FB
Mike Finger: Buckeyes school Cowboys on focus - San Antonio Express News FB
QB faceoff goes to Ohio State - San Antonio Express News FB
Buckeyes' Ginn a jack of all trades - San Antonio Express News FB
Dismal offensive show leaves Morency wanting - San Antonio Express News FB
Alamo Bowl notebook: Nugent is Buckeyes' new scoring leader - San Antonio Express News FB
Buckeye blowout: Ohio State 33, Oklahoma State 7 - San Antonio Express News FB
Slide Show - San Antonio Express News FB
NCAA Football Boxscore - Oklahoma State at Ohio State - San Antonio Express News FB
Buckeyes drop OSU in Alamo Bowl - The Oklahoman FB
Ok. State far from playing with the big boys - The Oklahoman FB
Ohio shuts down OSU rushing game - The Oklahoman FB
Ohio State AD talks to ESPN - Sports Business News FB
*Ohio State has more issues - CFN FB
Stream-of-Consciousness Notes-Alamo Bowl - CFN FB
Five Thoughts on the Alamo Bowl - CFN FB
Chat Live With Brian Curtis! - College Sports FB
Ohio State Notches Win in First Big Ten Bowl Action of Post Season - Big Ten FB
Buckeyes Crush Cowboys in Alamo Bowl - NCAA Football (AP) FB
Zwick steps in, Ginn Jr. steps up as No. 24 Bucks shut down Cowboys - NCAA Sports FB
Alamo Bowl Photo Gallery - The Ozone FB
Buckeyes Dominate Cowboys for Easy Bowl Win - The Ozone FB
Move over, Pete / Nugent breaks OSU scoring mark - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Ginn Brings New Dimension At Alamo - Bucknuts FB
Zwick Makes Strong Case With Play At Alamo - Bucknuts FB
Alamo Bowl Photos - 1 - Bucknuts FB
Alamo Bowl Photos - 2 - Bucknuts FB
Buckeyes Will Play On New Year's Eve For The First Time in 39 Years - Ohio State Buckeyes BK
No. 9 Buckeyes aspire to reach Lions’ level - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
OSU vs Penn State Preview - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Women's Roundup - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Men's Roundup - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Hornets Suspend Absent (Jim) Jackson - NBC4 Columbus BK
OSU Prepares for St. Joseph's - Bucknuts BK
Big Ten preview (Women's) - Minneapolis Star Tribune BK
Buckeyes 10th After Two Sessions at 2004 Midlands - Ohio State Buckeyes WR
OSU’s Fritsche delivers with goal, two assists - Columbus Dispatch$ HK
Colorado College wins, faces OSU - Columbus Dispatch$ HK

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