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Recent tOSU Articles - 12/29/04


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<font color="#b90000">Wednesday, December 29, 2004</font>
Booster likely to lose OSU tickets - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Bizarre year nears end - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Just getting to Alamo Bowl is big victory for Buckeyes - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Freshmen have had big impact on top teams in 2004 season - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Nugent still in running for OSU records in final game - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Cowboys manage with NCAA-best turnover margin - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Cowboys are wary of Buckeyes’ runners - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
On The Edge - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ohio State Roster - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Oklahoma State Roster - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Play of the Week - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Bowl Results and Schedules - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
In The Spotlight - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ohio State & Oklahoma State Team Stats - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Alamo Bowl at a Glance - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ohio State & Oklahoma State Results - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Controversy follows Ohio State to San Antonio - NN of Central Ohio FB
2004 Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Ohio State - NN of Central Ohio FB
Notebook: Lone Star native Schlegel keeping his humor - NN of Central Ohio FB
Ground-bound Cowboys take aim at Ohio State - NN of Central Ohio FB
Alamo Bowl has distinct Big Ten feel - NN of Central Ohio FB
Ohio State Quarterback Gets Second Chance - NN of Central Ohio (AP) FB
Ohio State Will Sanction Booster - NBC4 Columbus FB
Booster blows whistle on Smith - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Comparing the OSU's - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Tressel: violations not rampant - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Nothing right about OSU's latest moves - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
ALAMO ADMISSION - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Miles enjoys Schembechler's advice - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Buckeye booster facing sanctions - Dayton Daily News FB
Booster failed in political bid - Dayton Daily News FB
Ohio State should have advantage on defense tonight - Dayton Daily News FB
OSU relying on freshman Gonzalez - Dayton Daily News FB
Buckeyes face lineman who got away - Dayton Daily News FB
Zwick receives second chance during Alamo Bowl - Canton Repository FB
Alamo bowl - Canton Repository FB
Can Zwick do the trick for Bucks? - Toledo Blade FB
OSU problems run deeper than Clarett - Toledo Blade FB
OSU offense takes center stage - Lorain Morning Journal FB
Backup QB job a quandary for OSU - Lorain Morning Journal FB
Geiger criticizes boosters who want to control players - Lima News FB
Controversy won’t affect the game - Lima News FB
Buckeyes to collide with conservative Cowboys - Lima News FB
Attorney tipped OSU about benefit to Smith - Warren Tribune Chronicle (AP) FB
Zwick will get help from Ginn, others - Warren Tribune Chronicle (AP) FB
Will Buckeye fans see a memorable Alamo victory? - NN of Central Ohio (Marion Star) FB
Field of distractions - NN of Central Ohio (Newark Advocate) FB
With opportunity knocking, Zwick must answer the door - NN of Central Ohio (Zanesville Times Recorder) FB
WHO WILL WIN: Wednesday's bowls - Fox Sports FB
The best of the best - ESPN FB
Pokes meet Ohio State - Pryor Daily Times FB
Freshman pass catcher bursts onto OSU scene - Middletown Journal FB
Bucks' offense needs to pour it on - News Herald FB
Springfield man accused of giving money to Smith - Hamilton Journal News FB
Freshman WR bursts onto OSU scene - Hamilton Journal News FB
Morency holds key to Pokes' success - The Wichita Eagle FB
Scouting the Alamo Bowl for NFL talent - Bernie's Insiders (Scout) FB
San Antonio Scores In Alamo Bowl - KSAT FB
Ohio State quarterback heads back to starting line - San Antonio Express News FB
VIDEO: Team's Final Practice - San Antonio Express News FB
Richard Oliver: Alamo Bowl looks to brighter future - San Antonio Express News FB
Both Cowboys, Buckeyes have a lot riding on tonight's game - San Antonio Express News FB
Oklahoma State: Defense making a name for itself - San Antonio Express News FB
Scandal hangs over the Buckeyes - San Antonio Express News FB
Ohio State roster - San Antonio Express News FB
Oklahoma State roster - San Antonio Express News FB
Alamo Bowl report - San Antonio Express News FB
Alamo Bowl history - San Antonio Express News FB
Full bowl dished up - San Antonio Express News FB
VIDEO: Pre Game Party Already Underway - San Antonio Express News FB
Miles downplays LSU job rumors - Stillwater News Press FB
Out with a bowl - Stillwater News Press FB
Their home away from home - Stillwater News Press FB
Rea's Say: Keys To An OSU Victory - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Geiger: We will punish businessman - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Bucks Adjust Well to Coaching Changes - Bucknuts FB
Breakdown: Ohio State Offense Vs. Ok State Defense - Bucknuts FB
Ohio State sluggish, but Dials delivers again - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
OSU vs New Hampshire Box Score - Columbus Dispatch$ BK
Buckeyes Get Past New Hampshire - WBNS 10TV (AP) BK
Dials Leads Buckeyes To Another Win - NBC4 Columbus BK
College basketball: Buckeyes win fifth in a row - Canton Repository BK
OSU hockey tournament starts with high hopes - Columbus Dispatch$ HK
Ohio State Classic at a Glance - Columbus Dispatch$ HK
Ohio Hockey Classic Tournament Preview - College Sports HK
No. 10/11 Ohio State Beats Minnesota State in Ohio Hockey Classic, 5-1 - Ohio State Buckeyes HK
Ohio State Wrestling: Session I Completed at Midlands - Ohio State Buckeyes WR

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