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Recent tOSU Articles - 10/10/04


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<font color="#b90000">Sunday, October 10, 2004</font>
Badgered And Bruised: Wisconsin Pounds OSU - NBC4 Columbus FB
Bad Blood Takes Spotlight After Game - NBC4 Columbus FB
No. 15 Wisconsin Wins Third Straight at Ohio State - College Sports (AP) FB
OSU suffers Badger bite - Youngstown Vindicator FB
OSU vs Wisconsin - Instant Anaylsis - CFN FB
Game Recap - CFN FB
Conference Roundup - CFN FB
Top 10 Player Race - CFN FB
Monday AM QB - CFN FB
Quick Outs - CFN FB
Weekly Affirmation - CFN FB
Who's Hot & Not - CFN FB
Five Thoughts - CFN FB
Bowl Projections - CFN FB
Wisconsin, Davis Stomp Ohio State - Milwaukee Channel FB
A shivering shock - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Offense lacks ammunition for James Gang - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Lost Buckeyes are searching for their identity - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
How Ohio State's Opponents Fared - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Stocco’s stock on rise after big road victory - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Scarlet & Gray Matter - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Wisconsin vs Ohio State - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
The Bottom Line - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Dance on ‘O’ prompts fight after game - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Officials run a double reverse on call - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Starks plays through injury - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Big Ten Roundup: Northwestern wins another one in OT - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ohio Roundup: Jonhenry’s two TDs lead Ohio Wesleyan to first win - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
National Roundup: Nebraska reaches new low with humiliating 70-10 loss - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
MAC Roundup: Second-half barrage lifts Miami over Kent State - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Top 25 Roundup: Randall rallies LSU to victory over Florida - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Results, Standings, Shedules - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
A Big HurTen - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Badgers unearth big plays - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Referee blew it; OSU did, too - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Three things to watch revisited - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Zwick to judgment, slow to consider another solution - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Bad things just get worse - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Badgers bash Buckeyes - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Badgers take fight to Buckeyes - Dayton Daily News FB
Battered Buckeyes hurting - Dayton Daily News FB
Record-setter Nugent gets greater kick out of winning - Dayton Daily News FB
OSU 0-fer in Big Ten - Lima News FB
Stocco moves worth to Bucks - Lima News FB
Ohio State 0-2 in Big Ten for first time since 1992 - Canton Repository FB
As fans’ ire rains down, Zwick keeps his head high - Canton Repository FB
Buckeyes notes - Canton Repository FB
Badgers shut down Ohio State offense - Toledo Blade FB
Buckeyes notebook: Tressel discounts replay - Toledo Blade FB
Rank performance Second straight loss will drop Buckeyes from Top 25 for first time since 2001 - Lorain Morning Journal FB
Now this is frustration - Cincinnati Enquirer FB
Upon further review: Tressel doesn't think call turned game - Warren Tribune Chronicle FB
Wisconsin badgers Ohio State's run defense - Warren Tribune Chronicle (AP) FB
Ginn turns on jets on return - News Herald FB
Badgers bring back Buckeye blues - NN of Central Ohio FB
Spencer grades the Buckeyes - NN of Central Ohio FB
Commentary: Ohio State still seeking an identity - NN of Central Ohio FB
Buckeye running game stuck in low gear - NN of Central Ohio FB
Ohio State suffers on many levels - NN of Central Ohio FB
Wisconsin defense badgers Ohio State - NN of Central Ohio FB
Notebook: Nugent sets new career field-goal mark - NN of Central Ohio FB
Friends, family pay homage to 'Neutron Man' - NN of Central Ohio FB
D-1 Football Scoreboard - NCAA Sports FB
Badgers Beat Buckeyes, 24-13 - NCAA Football (AP) FB
Big Games and Big Plays Highlight the Third Week of the Big Ten Football Season - Big Ten FB
COMMENTARY: Badgers bully OSU on home turf again - Wisconsin State Journal FB
UW 24, OHIO STATE 13: Complete coverage - Wisconsin State Journal FB
The-Ozone Note and Quotebook - The Ozone FB
Badgers Make It Three Straight in Ohio Stadium - The Ozone FB
OSU vs Wisconsin Photo Gallery - The Ozone FB
The Buckeye Watch - The Ozone FB
Daniels comments on OSU-Wisconsin - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Five Questions Answered -- OSU vs. Wisconsin - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Wilson Enjoys Ohio State Visit - Bucknuts FB
Mr. Bucknuts' Bucket Of Bullets - Bucknuts FB
Ohio State-Wisconsin Photo Gallery - Bucknuts FB
Captain's Corner - Wisconsin Thoughts - Bucknuts FB
Buckeyes React To Losing D'Andrea - Bucknuts FB
Ohio State Women's Golf Wins Mercedes-Benz Championships - Ohio State Buckeyes GF
Men's Tennis Doubles Pair Scott Green and Ross Wilson Wins ITA All-American Championship - Ohio State Buckeyes TN
2004-05 Season Gets Underway - WCHA
Ohio State Skates Past St. Cloud State, 3-1 - Ohio State Buckeyes HK
Men's Hockey Drops 3-1 Decision to St. Cloud State in Ice Breaker Consolation Game - Ohio State Buckeyes HK
Buckeyes Drop Opening Game - The Ozone HK
The Buckeyes split series with St. Cloud - The Ozone HK
No. 19 Ohio State Women's Soccer Blanks No. 11 Illinois, 3-0 - Ohio State Buckeyes SC
Field Hockey Shuts Out Pacific, 2-0 - Ohio State Buckeyes OS

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