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Recent tOSU Articles - 10/1/04


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<font color="#b90000">Friday, October 1, 2004</font>
Rea Chat Transcript: Oct. 1 - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
"Script Ohio" coming to Browns Stadium - Cleveland Browns FB
Pittman hoping to rejuvenate OSU's running attack - Ironton Tribune (AP) FB
Whitner focuses on job, becomes force on defense - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Hall says he’s ready to show he can ‘do it all’ - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Inflammatory words somehow find way onto bulletin boards - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Backes remains offensive threat at cornerback - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Fraser credits Backes for leading him to football - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
Ohio College Games of the Week - Columbus Dispatch$ FB
33 years of domination - NN of Central Ohio (Newark Advocate) FB
Under Review: Big Ten tries instant replay to avoid game-changing mistakes - The Daily Northwestern FB
Ex-Buckeyes on opposite sides of field - CBS Sportsline (VIP) FB
BCS' mess: Top 25s avoid each other - M Live FB
Start spreading, then lose - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Getting to know: Northwestern - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
OSU at Northwestern - Cleveland Plain Dealer FB
Northwestern Riles No. 7 Ohio State - Cincinnati Enquirer (AP) FB
College Football Power Ratings - Cincinnati Post (Scripps Howard) FB
Big Ten coaches don't want changes - Akron Beacon Journal FB
Buckeyes bracing for Northwestern's best shot - Dayton Daily News FB
Another example of Troy Smith’s poor decision-making - Canton Repository FB
Big Ten coaches aren't cheering proposed rules changes - Springfield News Sun FB
Buckeyes’ Joe ready to go - Lima News FB
Smith’s complaint a minor storm - Lima News FB
Streak not on Bucks' minds - NN of Central Ohio (Mansfield News Journal) FB
Northwestern shuffling backs - News Herald FB
Badgers and Gophers and Buckeyes, oh my! - All Sports FB
OSU tough order for slumping NU - San Jose Mercury News FB
Fearless Predictions-Big Ten Part 1 - CFN FB
Fearless Predictions-Big Ten Part 2 - CFN FB
This Week in College Football History - CFN FB
Handicapping the Heisman - CFN FB
OHIO STATE Team Report-Inside Slant - College Sports (Sports Xchange) FB
OSU vs. Northwestern downloadable depth charts - Buckeye Sports Bulletin FB
Brown Embarks on 32nd Season at Ohio State - Ohio State Buckeyes GF
No. 16 Women's Volleyball Upsets No. 1 Minnesota, 3-1 - Ohio State Buckeyes VB
Buckeyes reap benefits as Gordon’s play spikes - Columbus Dispatch$ VB
Buckeye Briefs - Columbus Dispatch$ OS

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