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RB Ira Guilford (Official Thread)


He is small but he is hungry for yards. The vision he showed us last week was refreshing and I think we will see him early if our veterans relapse again.

With Hall and Ross being Seniors next year and Two RB commits already in the fold, does Guilford stay at rb ? We are so deep in the secondary that I would think rb is the place for him right now and next year.
I was talking to my boss a few minutes ago (he's a big college and pro football fan) and he said he wouldn't be surprised if Clarett was back next year. I don't want this to turn into a Clarett thread, but obviously if he did return, then Guilford at RB is moot. If he doesn't return, and Guilford continues to play well, I would think they'd keep him at RB so when Hall and Ross graduate next year they'll have another experienced RB in the fold (I wouldn't be surprised to see them redshirt the RBs we get in this class).
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Well, according to Bollman on the Buckeye Preview Show, Guilford is going to have a bigger role in the offense the second half of the season. I liked what I saw vs. NW. Although, if all the RBs were given better chances of success (using plays to back off the 8-man fronts), then we aren't discsussing how poorly the running game is.
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Sounds good for Ira. My question is, with all of the bold statements Geiger has been making regarding the two no longer being members of the football team, will Ira be allowed to come back? How can he kick him off with no charges?
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Guilford's case was definitely dismissed. Irizarry's case was bound over to the grand jury. This is going to get really interesting. Let's see if the prosecutor calls Guilford as a State witness.

EDIT: apparently a 5/24/04 arraignment date has been scheduled for Guilford in Common Pleas Court. It appears that Guilford will be facing a trial.
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Ira G. pleads guilty to assault


OSU's Guilford Pleads Guilty To Assault
Suspended Player Avoids Trial

POSTED: 11:55 am EDT August 12, 2004
UPDATED: 12:09 pm EDT August 12, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A suspended Ohio State football player pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor count of assault, avoiding trial on more serious charges, NewsChannel 4's Beth Dal Ponte reported.

Running back Ira Bell-Guilford (pictured, right) had been charged along with teammate Louis Irizarry in the robbery of an Ohio State student in May. The two were accused of jumping the student and taking his wallet.

Bell-Guilford was scheduled to go to trial Sept. 2, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 1, Dal Ponte reported. He faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Irizarry's case is still pending.

Kenneth Whitwell, 20, of Brecksville, reported that he was assaulted on campus at 3 a.m. on May 1, according to police records. Whitwell said he was attacked by two men who stole his wallet and drove away.

Irizarry and Bell-Guilford were stopped in a car soon after, not far from where Whitwell was robbed.

Coach Jim Tressel suspended both Irizarry and Bell-Guilford indefinitely after their arrests on the robbery charges.

Irizarry has transferred to Youngstown State, but is not playing football. He was put on probation at Ohio State after he was found guilty of assault, negligent assault and disorderly conduct for his involvement in a fight in a campus dormitory last October. He also spent three days in jail.


Former Ohio State Football player Ira Guilford pleaded guilty in court Thursday to a reduced charge of assault.

Guilford pleaded guilty for his involvement in an incident back in May, where he hit and robbed a person, allegedly with another OSU player.

Guilford was originally charged with two counts of robbery and one count of receiving stolen property.

Since the incident, Guilford has been suspended from the team.

He could now face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. He'll be sentenced October 1.
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I'm guessing since it was a misdemeanor.. the door would be 'open' (maybe 'cracked') to his return... I'm sure there would be a pile of conditions.
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