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RB Chris "Beanie" Wells (All B1G, All-American)


won the 100 meters in an track invitational meet with a 11.0 time
pretty good time for a 6'2 220 soph:)
wow he'll be a great buckeye either running over players or hitting and tackling them
Video(free Rivals):1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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no doubt that Chris is a special athlete. He is considered the top prospect in the '06 class. I guess the only question will be whether he outgrows the RB position and plays defense. You listed him as a RB/LB but he actually could end up at DE and play the Will Smith Leo position.

It also sounds like he is a tOSU lean. He could be the next tOSU star from Garfield. The last one wasn't too bad- Antoine Winfield.

Here is an article from last summer- that mentions Wells (and other familiar names) attending Winfields summer camp

Charles Gills will never forget the time he spent with Antoine Winfield this weekend.

If Gills, a freshman at Firestone, ends up being an All-City defensive back in the next few years, he'll certainly need to thank his hero.

Winfield is a former Garfield star who was an All-American cornerback at Ohio State and won the Jim Thorpe Award in 1998, given to the top collegiate defensive back in the country.

Winfield is now with the Buffalo Bills, but this weekend, he just wanted to be with the kids.

Winfield held a three-day camp, ``Camp 26,'' which was sponsored by Men Count Too and The Boy Scouts of America, at the University of Akron's Lee Jackson Field. The camp was for area kids between the ages of 8 and 18. More than 300 youngsters and area coaches participated.

``For me to come back here and work with some of the kids in my hometown was long overdue,'' Winfield said. ``I think it's very important to give these talented kids a chance to meet someone who played on the same fields as they did. I'm hoping that they can look at me and see that if you work hard, you can be successful, not only on the football field, but in life.''

Winfield took a liking to Gills and for three days, he offered personalized, one-on-one instruction to the youngster.

``Man, he is the coolest dude I ever met,'' Gills said. ``He was showing me all kinds of techniques and how to read offensive formations. I just feel really lucky.''

Winfield had a little fun with Gills during one drill. Gills lined up as a wide receiver and had to go up against Winfield.

``He's strong and you can tell how physical he can get,'' Gills said about Winfield. ``I'm glad I came this weekend because it will give me so much confidence going into the season. I mean, if I can go up against Antoine Winfield, I should be able to do well against kids my age.''

The camp also featured some of the top players in the City Series, including Buchtel linebacker Tony Norman; Garfield wide receiver and defensive back David Haslam, running back and defensive back Erique Dozier, running back Chris Wells; North's Joe Copeland and Lyndon Gayle and East quarterback Aaron Mitchell. Buchtel running back Antonio Pittman, who will be a senior this season and has already orally committed to Ohio State, was at the camp Friday and Saturday. Hoban running back Tyrell Sutton also attended the camp.

``Everybody who is here wants to get better for the upcoming season, that's why we're out here,'' said Norman, sporting a Penn State jersey with his name on the back and looking like a Nittany Lion. ``We have some great athletes in the city and we're all here to work hard and learn some things from somebody like Antoine Winfield.''

Said Sutton: ``We're all friends and we all grew up knowing each other, but we're coming out here to compete. It's friendly competition and we know it's just going to make all of us better.''

The younger campers also were having fun with the drills and loved the opportunity to get first-hand instructions from someone such as Winfield.

``I know who (Winfield) is,'' said 10-year-old Greg Poole, who attends Schumacher Academy. ``I saw a few of his games last year when they played the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins and he was tough.''

Eight-year-old Jimmy Cianciola, a second-grader at Green Elementary, was having the time of his life. ``I remember (Winfield) played for Ohio State and he plays for the Buffalo Bills now,'' he said. ``My dad went to school with (Winfield's) cousin. That's how we know him.''

Winfield said he was planning to head back to Buffalo after the camp to prepare for the Bills' training camp.

He'll be entering his fifth NFL season and has been one of the most productive players for the Bills the past few seasons. In 2001, he led the team in tackles (106) -- the first cornerback in Bills history to accomplish that feat -- and he's excited about the upcoming season.

His original five-year contract with Buffalo expires after 2003 and he hopes to sign an extension before training camp opens for veterans on July 26.

``I'm in a contract year, so this is going to be fun,'' he said, with a huge, friendly smile. ``I'm ready to get to work.''
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Chris Wells

Looks like he has gotten a scholarship offer at the Camp. We aren't his first offer, but we are before scUM which appears to be his other favorite. We definetly need this guy for next year's class, he's probably the #1 player in that class.
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LordJeffBuck said:
I hope that we're not going to be fretting this one for the next nineteen months....

:lol: I hope we are. After all isn't that why we're on this board 9 months before NLOID. We're hooked on recruiting. And nothing beats a nice juicy recruit battle for a recruiting junky. I mean football season only last a couple of months but recruiting is year around. I personally loved the Fred Davis saga, well except for the conclusion. It was one of the most entertaining battles of the year. Who can forget the Mike D'Andrea saga, man that was a nail biter. Anyways, what I'm saying is that the Well's recruiting story could be a great one. I hope he doesn't pull the trigger too soon and ruin it for me.

Note: Words in italics are sarcastic.
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In Gary's chat over on Bucknuts he is pretty confident that Chris Wells will be a Buckeye. I cannot recall if Gary is one of the reliable contributors over there or just a blowhard moderator, but I hope he is right.
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