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The best damn pants in the land
on ESPN.com Ivan Maisel ranked OSU as #15 as a poll for next year. He says the Bucks have lost their core of players that helped them win back-to-back fiesta bowls.
----Agree or disagree?
I can see how some people might see the Buckeyes that
way. With an unproven (at least for now)backfield and
young almost everywhere, maybe we caught a break as
far as preseason polls go. :oh: :io:
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I agree with the ranking for as young as this team is. I think defense will continue to be strong with the experience that a lot of players gained in the rotation.

The offense will definitely be interesting to see how the young players perform.

While Buckeye fan always have high expectations of the team, maybe it will take a little of the national pressure off. Man did I get tired of all the bashing that we took about the close game scores....
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I think we were preseason #15 when we won the NC... if that's the case I'll take it, at least that way we don't have the big bullseye on our backs (or aleaset not as big of a bulleye... with who we lost I can see it... the fact we need to replace a QB, TE, and 3/5 of the OL (little do they know we will prob. still be fine at QB, def. fine at TE, and have some guys that look like they might be ready to step up on the OL)...

On D we replace 3/4 of the DL (have another round of studs to replace them), lose one LB (will be sick with LB talent next year, no loss at all), and lose a saftey and CB in the backfield (have enough saftey's to field several Big Ten teams... the CB could be a concern if Ashton or EJ don't step up)....

All in all I think we have great guys to replace the out going guys with the exception of maybe a couple positions...

Also our coaching staff lost a great one, however I have a guy feeling that the staff will still consistently out coach the other side line (isn't it nice to beable to say that :tongue2: ... oh, howlong its been since that could be said...)
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I like it. I think that we fare much better when overlooked by the media. With lofty rankings come lofty expectations, I'd rather be the underdog for a while.

If Clarett is reinstated we immediately become a top 5 team.
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We have lost the core...

He says the Bucks have lost their core of players that helped them win back-to-back fiesta bowls.

agree, we have...but I beleieve we have reloaded and in some positions may even be hetter...

If I wasn't a Buckeye, I don't think I would have ranked them any higher...
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