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Radio Interview - Kevin Steele, FSU

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by EasyBuck, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. EasyBuck

    EasyBuck Go Bucks!

    Here's an interesting radio interview w/Kevin Steele, the FSU recruiting coordinator with Bobby Burton and Phil? King.

    The interview starts at the 1:19 mark and check out the 5 questions he answers at the 1:26 mark. One of them was, Who was the best player you ever passed on.....


  2. The KSB

    The KSB 4-4-11/11-5-11

    Seeings as I have a POS dialup, could somebody just tell me who the best player he ever passed on was? I assume it was Gamble, but anyways.
  3. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    I have no idea. The 1:24 link didn't seem to refer to anything... I listened for aw hile and then lost interest as I didn't hear anythign as advertised.

    Anyone actually hear what the poster intended us to hear from this?
  4. CrabMan

    CrabMan Newbie

    He voted 'no' on Barry Sanders. He said he wasn't the only coach that didn't want to offer Barry a scholarship and the head coach broke a tie with a 'yes' vote.
  5. JohnnyCockfight

    JohnnyCockfight Beer is God's proof that he loves us.

    When he was at Oklahoma State, he gave a thumbs-down vote on Barry Sanders. Luckily for him, there were several other votes to be had.

    (The original poster was referring to the archived radio show in its entirety, and not just for Kevin Steele).

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was when Steele played dumb, like he didn't know the answer to how FSU always bats about .800 to .900 on signing day for the uncommitted guys, when others schools are lucky to bat .200.
  6. EasyBuck

    EasyBuck Go Bucks!

    I didn't think about folks with dial-up, sorry about that. JohnnyCockFight was right, the time marks were for the whole program.

    Kevin Steele has been around a few years with OkState, Nebraska, Tenn and FSU on his resume. He talked about recruiting Chuck Webb out of Toledo for Tenn. Interesting to hear how a recruiting coordinator explains how the process works at another school - claimed Bobby Bowden's charisma is the key to closing alot of deals.

    On the questions, he said the best player he ever recruited was Tommy Frazier, out of Florida.

    On the best player he passed on, it was Barry Sanders. He said every coach at OkState (including Larry Coker) voted to pass on him except the head coach and one assistant. Just shows how talent evaluation is not that easy. I wonder how big Barry Sanders was in high school?
  7. NightmaresDad

    NightmaresDad Woody Rules!

    I saw some videos fo Sanders when he was in sixth grade. they should have been offering him then!

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