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MotS&G Quick Hits – Buckeye Recruiting – 5-12-2016

Ben Van Ooyen

Quick Hits – Buckeye Recruiting – 5-12-2016
Ben Van Ooyen
via our good friends at Men of the Scarlet and Gray
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Welcome to Quick Hits, a new feature we are rolling out to highlight the most recent athletes who received offers to play football at Ohio State.

Emory Jones – QB – Class of 2018

Blessed & honored to say I just received my dream offer from the Ohio State University ❗❗⭕#GoBuckeyes #14 pic.twitter.com/Kc686gRkGF

— Emory Jones (@eXjones6) May 11, 2016

Yesterday [May 11] the Buckeyes offered another QB spot to Emory Jones out of Franklin, Georgia. Jones is one of the top dual threat quarterbacks in the nation for 2018, and he’s the fourth quarterback the Buckeyes have offered in the class. Many thought Jones was a done deal to Tennessee, but the Buckeyes are his “dream school,” so the offer certainly changes his recruitment. The Buckeyes want to get him on campus as soon as possible with the hope that a visit will secure a commitment. Jones told 11W he wanted to make a decision by the end of the summer, and it will still likely come down to Tennessee and Ohio State. I personally like what Phil Jurkovec brings to the table, and I’d prefer to have him in the class over Jones, but that’s just me.

Derrik Allen – CB – Class of 2018

Beyond blessed to receive an offer from Ohio State University! #GoBucks @OhioStateFB @LHS_Recruiting pic.twitter.com/WgVlxMEVoH

— Derrik Allen (@DsmoothAllen) May 11, 2016

Derrik Allen of Marietta, Georgia also received an offer yesterday. He’s the 2nd-ranked cornerback in the early 2018 rankings and already holds 23 offers from most of the top schools in the nation. Right now he is crystal-balled to Georgia, but with only two predictions right now, his decision is far from certain. Allen is listed at 6’1” and 185 and judging by his highlights, he plays the ball well while in the air, but he can also play down and make some big hits at the line.

KJ Henry – DE – Class of 2018

Blessed to receive an offer from The ⭕️hio State University
‼️ #gobuckeyes @OhioStateFB pic.twitter.com/fQOyyBYZkH

— thekjhenry_ (@ywd_ballislife) May 10, 2016

A couple of days ago, the Buckeyes offered KJ Henry, a weak-side defensive end out of Clemmons, North Carolina. He’s the 2nd-ranked WDE in the nation in the early 2018 rankings and currently holds 22 offers from pretty much the entire ACC conference, as well as Florida, Tennessee and Florida State. Henry currently has a crystal ball prediction to both North Carolina and Clemson, but Clemson seems to be the leading the chase for now.

Josh Belk – DT – Class of 2018

#OhioState offers four-star defensive tackle Josh Belk. https://t.co/DOfI3eBIFp@jbelk50 @wmitchell473 @Bill_Kurelic @alexgleitman

— Ryan Bartow (@RyanBartow) May 10, 2016

The Buckeyes are on a roll with 2018 offers, and Josh Belk, the #5 DT prospect in the 2018 rankings, was on the receiving end of one of them. Belk hails from Richburg, South Carolina, and his home state Gamecocks look to be the favorite to land him; however, he also holds offers from traditional powers like Clemson, Florida State and LSU. He has three crystal ball predictions in for the Gamecocks, so pulling him out of South Carolina may be a challenge for the Buckeye coaches.


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