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Question on Romper Room??


How do I get into Romper Room? I tried several times and can not get in.
I really don't know much about computers but it says you have to have
cookies and I don't even know what is meant by that.
#1 you need permission to get into the romper room. PM one of the mods for it

#2 You need to decrease your privacy settings. If you're using Internet Explorer click on tools at the top of the window. On the menu that comes down click on internet options. At the top of the screen that appears click the privacy tab. There will be a slider bar with different settings. Slide the bar down to at least medium high. That should solve your problem.
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Chances are, that cookies are already enabled on your PC. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to post on this site without logging in everytime you visit it. You probably just need to PM the mods...They'll take care of you from there.
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Remember most things go in the Romper Room... if you don't like nudity or foul language from time to time, you would prob. be best off staying away... if you don't mind that, then welcome to the Romper Room :biggrin: ...
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I just logged in with the standard password NorthernBuck. Make sure it's all lower case and be sure to get the alpha/numeric sequence correct. If you still have problems, shoot me a PM and I'll see what can be done. (I'll be off the board until about 2pm today)

horseshoe1 ... your welcome.
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