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Question For Mililani and Clarity


Buckeye Planet Old Fart
Over on Bucknuts I asked a question re the timing between a high speed internet connection of a radio broad of the Buckeyes games and the actual video of the game.
I explained my reason for asking this in more detail on the thread I started on Bucknuts (last bumped this morning at 7:48).

I believe you two have Directv and most likely get irritated by ABC's and ESPN's announcers and my have tried to do the above.

Last year I watched the Michigan game first on a TV getting the local Charlotte signal, then with a 4 second delay on my satellite Tv setting beside it I had an immediate replay and then with a 13 second delay I listened to The Fan's guys describe the play I just watched. It was fun for a while but the radio got old and I clicked it off.Sorry, I'm rambling.

Maybe some of the other guys here have some experience with this.
Your thoughts please.
I don't have DirectTV, but I do have a cable modem, so if I were to try what you did there shouldn't be too much delay. But, I've never tried it yet. I just blow off any stupid comments made by any announcers...
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