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QB/HB Lew Hinchman (3-time All-American)



Lew Hinchman 1930-32

There are only 8 players in Ohio State history who have received the honor of being selected as a First-Team All-American on 3 occasions. One of those 8 is Lew Hinchman.

Hinchman was a Quarterback and a Halfback and has been referred to as the "Rodney Dangerfield" of Ohio State football history because he is rarely mentioned with the greats. However, his 3-time All-American status speaks volumes. He lettered in 4 sports while at Ohio State (football, basketball, baseball and golf) so he was obviously an incredible athlete.

Hinchman was a Team Captain and the 1932 Team MVP. Hinchman is a member of the Varsity "O" Hall of Fame.


Q: I know there have been a number of three-time All-America football players at Ohio State, but one you rarely hear about is Lew Hinchman. I knew him as an account representative at WHIO-TV in Dayton. What information do you have about his career at OSU? - Bob Noble, Winter Park, Fla.

A: Hinchman is one of only eight Ohio State players to three times be named a first team All American (1930-32). The graduate of Columbus North High School was an all-around athlete at OSU, lettering in football, basketball, baseball and golf. He excelled in football, first at quarterback before switching to halfback his junior season. He was captain and team MVP as a senior. Part of the reason Hinchman does not receive more acclaim is because he shared the stage with several other notable names, including Wes Fesler, Dick Larkins and Sid Gillman. They went on to greater fame as an OSU coach (Fesler), OSU athletic director (Larkins) and the NFL (Gillman). -