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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Purdue just blocked a punt with less than 2 minutes to go in the game... down by 4. They need a score to keep the Big 10 undefeated.

TD Purdue... just over a minute left.

Purdue 23
ASU 20
Purdue always finds a way to blow a bowl game out their asses. What an embarrassment to their university and the B10. Tiller had the ball at the 6 and didn't use any clock...what a fucking moron. His DB's were cramping and he let them hang out to dry. Should have used the clock more.
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And as a side note I am glad we didn't get Ray Edwards. Not because he got ejected (the no call was BS), but because with the game on the line he is giving absolutely no effort. It was sickening.
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I was afraid they scored too soon.

Purdue got a first down on the 6 with just over a minute and a half left. The color analyst (Todd Blackledge, I think) says "they may spike it here" as they're approaching the line with the clock temporarily stopped for the first down. Was he kidding? Why waste a down, even with no time outs, when you can easily hike your first and goal play with 1:25 left? And you have a passing offense.

Anyway, Ariz St. wisely calls the TO before the ball is hiked, in order to save time for their own drive. Purdue throws an incomplete pass on first down, and scores on second down with well over a minute left. Arizona St. then goes 80 yards in less than 30 seconds, using the same screen play against the max blitz that also worked for their previous TD.

Purdue gets back to midfield, has a Hail Mary knocked out of the end zone. Tough loss for them.
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Man, does Purdue know how to lose the heartbreaker or what? These guys just dont lose a close game now and again, they do full blown talk-down-from-the-ledge-and-start-years-of-therapy crushers.
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