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I was listening to the tribe today. Tom Hamilton was talking about IROD.
This guy is just amazing. He hit .500 for the month of June with 43 or 47 hits.
He's hitting .380 for the year now.
I think he's in something like his 14th year and still catching almost everyday and may be the AL's MVP.
Hamilton said after the first game of the Tribe vs. Tigers series was over, everyone left and Pudge stuck around and ran sprints in the outfield.
I respect that more than I can express. This guy has nothing to proove and he's still busting his ass to be the best. For you guys with young kids, there's a player to point out to them.
I hope he wins the AL batting title. I think T.H. said it would be the first catcher to win the batting title in 80 years.
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Agree with you all the way. Pudge has always been a class act. I did not want the Marlins to win the title last year (yeah, I still hold a grudge about '97) but I'm glad he got a ring.
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I was at the game yesterday in Detroit (Man, the Tribe bullpen is a shell of what it was in the mid-90's). Pudge had a hell of a day. I was commenting to one of the guys I went with that you cannot complain that Pudge received his big contract and is now just taking it easy. The guy comes to play every at bat. Great attitude and you hope it rubs off on everyone, whether they are on the field with him or just in the stands.
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