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When we were in the race for Michael Bush one question we kept asking was why any blue chipper would pass up a program llike OSU to go to an also-ran like Louisville.

Well, here we are at 7-4 and with their win today Louisville will be 10-1. Their only loss was by 3 AT Miami. Their closest win was by 7 AT Memphis. They have only played one other game that was decided by less than FOUR touchdowns.

Granted, their schedule is not a Big Ten schedule, but it isn't Utah's schedule either (they beat NC at NC 34-0 and did a 70-7 tap dance on Cincy that made our effort look lame). They are putting points up all over the place and my guess is that Michael Bush is having a lot of fun.
I thought the same thing about the kids going to auburn, but they are having an OK year so far in a conference that isn't half bad.

Unfortunately Bush will not play the QB position he really wanted to play and he will likely go through a coaching change in his 4 years. He is a good looking player, probably could have started at HB for us.
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major? when Louisville moves to your conference, and is immediately considered the best team, may call for a mid- in front of that major tag. Either way the point of this thread is dead on the money. Looks like our offense will be pretty exciting next year too.
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