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MotS&G Projecting Ohio State’s 2016 Starters

Jeremiah (SYR)

Projecting Ohio State’s 2016 Starters
Jeremiah (SYR)
via our good friends at Men of the Scarlet and Gray
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

With the mass exodus of OSU underclassmen to the NFL draft I thought it would be difficult to name all 22 starters this far in advance. Hint: It wasn’t difficult at all. In fact it was so easy that it took me 3 minutes to do so lets take a look at what we have.


QB- JT Barrett
RB- Mike Weber
HB- Curtis Samuel
WR- Noah Brown
WR- Corey Smith (if he returns)
TE- Marcus Baugh
LT- Brandon Bowen
LG- Billy Price
C- Pat Elfien
RG- Demetrious Knox
RT- Jamarco Jones


DE- Tyquan Lewis
DT- Tracy Sprinkle
DT- Michael Hill
DE- Sam Hubbard
LB- Raekwon McMillan
LB- Chris Worley
LB- Dante Booker
CB- Damon Webb
FS- Malik Hooker
SS- Erick Smith
CB- Gareon Conley

Sure I may have a few mistakes here but everyone of these guys are capable and talented enough to help OSU win a bunch of games. What do you think?


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Lewis, Sprinkle, Hill, and Hubbard played as a unit for at least one series in the Fiesta Bowl and looked good. I also would not be surprised if Torrance Gibson ended up starting at WR...
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